Anyone here fluent in Chinese?




I might see one kid who is today. I never heard him speak it, but both parents were born in China, so chances are good he speaks it.


Mandarin or Cantonese?


I think almost all the Chinese in the neighborhood speak the same language, but I don’t know which one it is.


Oops, my question was directed at KT. Sorry.

In Hong Kong, Mandarin is the main dialect spoken, while in mainland China it’s Cantonese. Both use the same written language, however the spoken languages are different.


What about Taiwan?


Taiwanese and Mandarin.




Researching this further, another website says that the opposite of this is the rule. Mandarin in Mainland and Cantonese in Hong Kong. I don’t know anymore, didn’t really know to begin with, just looked it up on the net.


If I PM something, can you please ask him for a LITERAL translation? You’ll have to print it out on your printer. It is private so I would appreciate that you would not share with anyone other than the translator. Thanks. (Yeah, I really mean that…I know how you get tempted.:wink:)

It is small.


OK, just asked son. He isn’t around yet and he can’t read Chinese.

I’ll see if anyone else, that I know well enough to ask, is around.

You didn’t get something dirty tattooed onto you , did you?


My little China girl…


I don’t know if girlfriend reads it. Whenever I’ve seen her or her family they were speeking English, even the father, who was not born here.


KT, my brother, the priest, speaks and reads Chinese (whichever one is predominant in Hong Kong). I might be able to ask him to translate it for you. And I won’t share. Don’t worry if it’s something racy, it won’t offend him.




This is all very intriguing. Aren’t you going to tell us what it’s about?


No, it is very, very personal.


Got it and sent the request.



Translation: “All transactions in this establishment are conducted in Pig Latin”