Anyone here know about DRM?


Digital Rights Management - that’s DRM, I can start posting articles if anyone wants to learn how bad we’re getting ripped by the industry.


DRM isn’t so bad, it lets me have 50 hours of music for a total of 12 dollars, legally. If DRM didn’t exist could I load up my music player with 4 gigs of songs for so cheap? Hell no.


Until you go on vacation for a week and aren’t allowed to watch that show you had taped the night you left

You did check out what TIVO was allowing right? Deleting shows over a week old irregardless if you watched it or not…


Well I wouldn’t blame it on DRM, I’d blame it on TiVo. TiVo is rediculous anyway, its cheaper just to get a DVR through your cable/sat provider. Besides you could always get that mpeg-4 recorder from woot. :wink:


That’ll work for most shows - Until the owners of the show want the signal degraded or macro’d - then o course, fair use flies out the window thanks to good new DRM…


DRM is truely one of the most evil things Iv’e ever had the pleasure of disliking. When most folks think of DRM they only think about MP3 devices. DRM is a much more encompassing and complicated animal than that. DRM has the potential not just to effect the music you listen to, but also all manners of digital media. This includes Movies, digital Music, digital radio, TV broadcasts, and even content streamed and placed on the web. Esentialy anything that the industry feels it can make a buck from is covered. heres a quickie on the Broadcast Flag :

and more on the digital music front of DRM: