Anyone need/want an invite to


I have a few left over - you are supposed to get 30Gb storage space and yet ANOTHER email address.

Currently in BETA but by invite only.

Any Wooters interested? PM me at

I only have 3 left - fcfs of course.


Hey TheRAZguy!

for the invite. I definately didn’t need another e-mail account, but I love to tinker, so thanks for the new “toy”.

I have 7 invites, for anyone interested in a account. Send me an e-mail @ JenL"at" Leave a note here, please, so I’ll know to check that account for your request.


Over here!


email sent… Thanks…


Sorry for the delay. I had guests in town for the last few days and forgot about this!

I’ll get your invites sent within the hour.


Okay, I just filled all your (and others that didn’t post here) requests for invitations for accounts, but 30gigs, which is in beta, is VERY buggy. I’m getting lots of error messages, so please leave a post for me, if you didn’t get my invite and e-mail .Enjoy.


Thanks for mine!


Cool, ty for the confirmation, heh…beta bugs were squirming when I was in my account trying to get the invites out. I also e-mailed each of you from 30gigs, after I sent the invite, but things were acting strangely, at the time.


I would like an invite


I have two left. Please send me an e-mail at JenL"at"


Bumping…just posted and it went to pg. 4.


Check for your invite. I just sent it…might go to your bulk/junk folder, so check there, if it’s not in your inbox.


“Danny”, your invite went out…it was the last one. I wonder if 30gigs replenishes invites, like gmail did.


Someone invite me. <333


Unless you’re “Danny”, I’m all out of invites. He got my last one. Maybe Raz, the OP, has more. See his post for his 30gig addy. That’s where I got mine.


My e-mail replies to “sh4wn”, to whom I sent an invite several days ago, keep getting bounced back to me. I hope the invite went through…


Actually, I think all new accts get invites, so maybe some of the people who got one from me can provide an invite you and for future requests.


It did! Thanks again!!


may i have invite please? =) to . thanks!


Very buggy!

I can’t even log on to the site!

Not Found

The requested URL /mail/src/login.php was not found on this server.
Apache/2.0.52 (Red Hat) Server at Port 80