Anyone out in wootland know about speakers?


So I blame woot for getting me started on this new project of mine (since I saw those Sony speakers on here a few days ago). I bought a Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS Notebook sound card, and it can do 5.1 sound (I think 7.1 even).

Anyway, I’ve been looking around for some speakers, and I got a few good suggestions from the woot sale a couple of days ago: Logitech x-530 or z-5300.

Both seem pretty good, and relatively cheap. Does anyone have any other suggestions for some good computer speakers that won’t set me back an arm and a leg? Thanks.



I know there is someone out there with some knowledge on this stuff (there were plenty of opinions before!). But really, I would appreciate any info or suggestions if you got em.


Well, the most popular, for some time, when available, were the (Dell) Mystery Speakers. Woot sold many thousands of sets at $29.99.

If you don’t get a response here, go ask in a couple of the speaker threads or start a thread on wootswap, either “seeking speakers” or just ask the question in “stupid questions.” I think someone may even still have an extra pair on wootswap, though shipping won’t be $5.

Sorry I can’t be of more help, but at least this will get a bump.


stay tuned to woot - Avoid the Monstor ripoff non surround sound surround sound speakers, score the mystery speakers if at all possible - I have a set and they rock.

Otherwise, look into Harmon Karden or Some of logitechs stuff.

And if Bose ever enters the computer speaker market? Avoid at all costs…


Yeah, I really wish I had gotten in on those mystery speakers on that last woot-off back in Novemeber. I think they’re the Dell 5.1s, #5650, and Dell wants $60 for those on their website (hear that woot get me some mystery speakers!..please). I remember the monster ones. Other than the fact that they’re glorified stereo speakers, who wants such an odd color of blue?

Anyway, so far I like the Logitech ones a lot, and I see what Harmon Kardon’s got. Thanks for the input.


I have the Logitech z-5500 speakers. They are somewhat expensive, but given the fact that you have already dropped $100 on the sound card, you really should get speakers that do it justice. Otherwise, why not just stick with whatever you had (probably AC97 integrated on the motherboard)

These pwn. Over 200 watts of THX certified goodness. The subwoofer is a little big, though.


Lucky for me, I’m cheap and got the sound card off of ebay for $46 (used, but in pristine/looks new condition). I like the 5300s a lot, but the 5500s, are pretty pricey… are there any other brands out there? Harman/Kardon just makes the Sound sticks (the clear ones the often sell with apples). Any other companies?