Anyone Out There?

And you were worried about big brother.

Awesome shirt!

Oh, looks like a great mail day. Some assembly required right? Congrats my friend. It’s AWSOMMMME!

if you see someone wearing one of your designs, there is ONLY one thing you are allowed to say:


and the only reply allowed is:


I hope this isn’t one of those ‘illegal’ aliens.

cute, perfect shirt for star (and planet) gazing insomniacs of all species

First shirt in a while that my wife and I will both be buying on release day!

Love the box and wrench on the ground, nice touch!

And this is why I close my curtains when I change!

Oh Ochopika! Great choice! I’m so happy to see this one print. Such a good piece, for a good person! (And great choices for the Guest Editor Shop too!)

Hi Ochopika, any chance of having a large version of this print? Say something desktop wallpaper size?

Thank you!

Awww, Ocho, you are just as adorable IRL as your online persona is. :wink:

And I don’t think cute is your only thing, you’ve had plenty of non cutsey wins. I even bought a mildly cute one myself.

Also, epic fantasy might be the best derby theme ever. SOMEBODY CALL DRAKXXX AND CRESCENTDEBRIS

Why do you think I’m watching that video over and over?

OK, not really, because that is just creepy.

This design is Marvin the Martianesque.

And I love Marvin!

Well, somebody was surely going to go there, you just beat them to it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice design Ocho. My throat just got better last week from screaming for you :slight_smile:

This design looks familiar, was it a derby entry before or something?

Because I’m done giggling and blushing from the previous comments, I’ll tell you! Yes, it’s from this one. :slight_smile:

Hey that planets pretty close to earth. I don’t think is accurate because we would have seen him from here.

I’m just glad you don’t resemble your avatar. :slight_smile: