Anyone playing the Sephora Matching Game?

Sephora’s having this match game event.

You play it and you can get different coupons. It’s a simple game.

You can only play once a day though.

Did any of you guys win anything yet? I won a Two-Faced Mini Bronzer coupon.

Just tried it. Won the same thing you did. I don’t wear make-up and not going to buy something to get a free product. I’ll tell my daughter about it though as she shops Sephora.

Yeah, I usually don’t wear makeup that much either. I was going to probably win the coupons and just give it to friends to use.

Did I misunderstand or don’t you have to buy something to use the free coupon? If it’s really just redeem the coupon I’ll do it and use as a stocking stuffer.

I think you have to purchase other things in order to use the coupon. It would be great for friends that already buy makeup stuff constantly.