AO Coolers 12-Can Canvas Soft Coolers

Why does the description for this cooler have a “cancer and reproductive harm” warning at the bottom?

When I went to the website provided with the warning, it gives me a chance to search for stuff, but I don’t know what I’m looking for.

I looked at the same product on the Amazon site, and it did not include this warning. Did this Woot product come from Chernobyl or somewhere like that?!? Or…?

It could be made in California? The folks in CA have a different list of cancer causing agents than the rest of the US. I have seen warnings on many different items purchased and not just on WOOT that say CA has determined that (xxx) has been shown to cause cancer in…
Hope this helps.

There are new requirements that we have to post Prop 65 warnings. You will see it on our sales when required.