AOC 16" USB-Powered Portable LED Monitor

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AOC 16" USB-Powered Portable LED Monitor
Price: $74.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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NewEgg Reviews

Ouch, that resolution is low for a 16".

Mine lasted 9 months then poof! needs new caps.

I have one of these and I paid more than twice this brand new. I work from home, so I use it as a 3rd monitor. Works fine. I’m not watching videos or anything, just doing I.T. support. At this price, if you’re thinking about it, I’d go for it.

I have the older version of this monitor and did not realize how much I would love the thing. Sitting outside with my laptop on my lap and this sitting on the table next to me was glorious. I had the Slingbox or other streaming video on the external and was able to continue surfing the web, reading the news or whatever.

I took two programming courses and it was nice to have the instructor on one screen and IDLE open on the other instead of switching. Not needing an outlet makes this thing just super to use.

My only gripe with mine was that the plug (mini-USB) was loose fitting and poorly made. I altered it so that’s not a problem anymore. I am seriously contemplating buying another one but have something of a fear of buying refubs here on Woot after a Toshiba tablet fiasco a few years ago.

Edited to add: one more thing. If you have a Mac, you may not be able to alter the brightness on this. I am unable to change it and it’s pretty bright. Someone posted on some board somewhere that if you have a PC, if you connect it to that and change the brightness, then unplug and connect it to a Mac it will have the new settings. I can’t vouch for that though.

I wonder if it is always okay (safe) to use something like this. I thought USB3.0 devices were not supposed to draw more than 4.5W (5v 900mA)?

Bought one the last time they had them for sale. Doing nicely so far the only complaint is sometimes it doesn’t wake up from sleep mode without unplugging and repluging. Also it isn’t really seen by the computer as being a display so if you’re in extended desktop for instants and you unplug it the computer will not reset to operating as a single monitor. Not a big deal in my opinion. Buying another now.

I bought one last time. It came with a bad microusb port. I had to return it. I’d love to try and reorder but, “once bitten, twice shy” and all that.

I doubt if one of these will work with the “Endless Mini” $79.95 (highly modified) Linux PC that is made primarily for use in lesser developed countries where they expect people to plug them into TVs.

Any experience with this?

Did the ones sold on March 1 have USB 2.0 instead of 3.0?

That’s not the same model, that’s the older version with a 16ms response. Here’s a link to the model being offered here which has an 8ms response time.

AOC e1659Fwu

These require drivers. I have a USB to Video adapter that has similar functionality and you MUST have a compatible driver as my adapter was broken by a Mac update and I had to wait for a driver update.

I’m considering getting this for my Mac and I checked the drivers, they have 2 drivers available for this, a XP/Vista windows driver and a Mac driver in .dmg format. The driver is a DisplayLink driver so they must be using their chipset and there is a forum for linux users using an open source driver with the driver(s) at

So I would say, Yes it might :slight_smile:

So would this monitor and the HP mini over on the main Woot site become a decently-performing bargain system for my teenager? Something compelling about this but needing a little more feedback/encouragement before I pull the trigger.

I have a “portable” AOC that I recently bought at the “other” deal a day website, works well, however, I will question the portable part of it. Yes, you can easily carry it from one room to another and is simple to setup, but for a roadwarrior, it does not meet that need. The entire monitor it too thick and bulky. I’ve seen ASUS and Lenovo portables which are less than half an inch thick, the AOC ones are closer to 2 inches. No way I fit that into my carry-on with everything else. But for the home office, it’s great.

Edit: Of course, this one does look thinner . . . maybe I should try another?

It comes with a Y-cable so it can draw from two ports if necessary. Max draw is listed at 8 W and you’d get 9 W from two ports, and this monitor might not even need to use both.

It’d work but wouldn’t be ideal. You’d need a regular monitor (connected via HDMI or DP in this case) to set up that PC in the first place and install the DisplayLink drivers. After that I think this would work as the sole monitor, however it may still struggle to fluidly display rapidly-changing video output. It would be fine as a productivity PC, (documents, Web browsing, no gaming, etc.) but your best bet is to grab a laptop off Woot. There are frequently laptops priced less than the ~$300 that this HP+AOC combo will cost you, and there was even a fantastic $100 Chromebook deal a couple weeks ago. Just keep your eye out for a laptop/Chromebook, that will give you fewer headaches than this combo.

Specs show this one at 0.9" thick.

I have several of these, but recently bought the 1080 version. Spend the extra money and get the 1080…it makes a huge difference, resolution is superior and it comes with a case that doubles as a stand. Oh, USB 3.0, too.