AOC 16" USB-Powered Portable LED Monitor

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AOC 16" USB-Powered Portable LED Monitor
Price: $74.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Resolution kills it. Shame it’s not 1600 x 900px

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I picked this up new for about $5 bucks more with some coupons/deals. It is pretty nice to have a second screen that transports/puts away easily. Resolution is good enough for basic web surfing, documents (I review .pdf’s on it all the time as its main purpose), simple stuff. I haven’t tried to watch any video. Bright and clear form my use. Even photos look pretty good.

Setup wasn’t exactly plug and play, but very close. It took longer than installing the driver and application, but in the end, works every time I plug it into a USB on my laptop. Nice item.

I travel a lot for work and it is my constant companion; when you get used to working with two screens it is very limiting to go down to one. I have had mine for almost a year and a half and consider it to have been a best buy. Have not had any problems with it and set-up was very simple.

I have one of those Azulle $99 PCs that are about the size of a TV remote control. It normally uses HDMI out, but does have USB and Windows 8.1. Will this work with it?

I highly doubt an Azulle puts out enough amps on its USB. Even if it did technically work I sure wouldn’t use it as the load would constantly overheat the Azulle and burn it out eventually.

I believe this unit has 2 USB plugs, in case the primary can’t get enough power from one USB. So if your willing to plug the second USB into a USB charger that puts out some juice (as in not a .5A phone charger) it might work.

So I bought this the last time is was up at woot. I am using it on my desktop but after 2 days it goes blank the back-light is on and the computer still thinks there is a monitor there just only see blank, a restart fixes it but un/plugging does not. I am sure it is my PC’s fault as it works great on my laptop. Any one had this issue. My PC is windows 10 but it is running off USB 2.0 as I dont have 3.0 on it.

Has anyone gotten the refurbished ones Woot is selling? Every time I get a refurb, it ends up not working shortly after the limited warranty ends. I’d love a second screen for my laptop on the road.

Not to get off topic, but woot brought back the Shuttle computers. I bought the I5 (gen 2) for $200 last time around, the thing was brand new (sold as refurb), easy to work on and fantastic hardware.The same one I bought is now $260, but has 8GB instead of 4GB RAM and 2 x500GB instead of 2 x 320GB HDD. I still liked my deal better, but I’d still highly recommend it at that price. They have 80+ power supply, run dead silent and really cool. They can take a full size graphics card also. If you’re looking for a desktop PC- these are the ones to get. I think the sweet spot is the 3rd gen I5 for $300

Not so much a comment as a question. Would this backward compatible with USB 2.0? Would be using it for 3rd monitor at work, and we don’t have USB 3.0.

The reviews at Amazon seem to indicate that it will work on USB 2.0. You may need both USB power connectors to plug in, and the refresh rate might not be as good- but if you’re just using it for static documents (excel, word) it should work fine.

I got one a year ago. It works pretty well for a 3rd monitor or a display for people to see. I use it on my laptop for documents or email while I am working on something else. This isn’t a full time monitor. It is great as a second/third display for those times you need it.

Thanks for the info. I think I’ll use it as intended with some TV or monitor.

Who are you kidding radiojohn, I see you trying to hook this up to your Timex Sinclair

Works fine on a USB 2.0. The only issue is power. If you have a weak USB port, you might need to use 2 to have enough power.

Bought this monitor the last time it was offered. It was one of those late night drunken purchases that I thought I was going to regret, but fortunately for me, I love this thing. I have it set up on its side for viewing documents and even videos. This monitor works great and looks great. I just plugged both USB plugs into my desktop and haven’t had a single issue. Highly recommend this monitor.