AOC 16" USB-Powered Portable LED Monitor

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AOC 16" USB-Powered Portable LED Monitor
Price: $68.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 Business Days. (Thursday, Jul 21 to Tuesday, Jul 26) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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This went down $1 since last time.

Mine worked perfectly for about three month. Then it started flickering pretty badly. When it was working, it had a very noticeable purple tinge. It’s also quite low resolution.

I bought it thinking “how bad can this be?”. It turns out it can be pretty bad, even when it works right.

1169 reviews on amazon, with an average of 3.7.

The consensus seems to be that it’s an awesome product when it works but the build quality isn’t there. So it breaks pretty easily, apparently most often where the USB cable meets the monitor, killing the unit.

That has me wondering whether the factory reconditioned nature of this product might actually be a positive…

I asked about this product the last time it was for sale, but no one answered, so I’m just gonna go with amazon previous reviews.

It seems like a great idea for a college student doing web design/CS programming, but I need to do more research and also find out how the warranty system works.

Do we know (spec sheet doesn’t say) whether WIN 10 is supported.

New model (1659) makes a special point of it on Amazon.

I got one last time Woot offered it. Dead out of the box. The USB connection is crap. I have never seen a connection as sloppy as that one.


Why do these keep coming up for sale as refurbs? You’d think they were made by Onkyo…

We have 2 of these from a previous sale (April 8, $75), and I bought zippered laptop sleeves from Amazon for them as well. My wife absolutely loves her USB monitor, she is in software QA and she uses it both at work and home and appreciates the extra screen real estate when testing her product. No problems with them thus far.

About three or four years ago I ordered around 25 of these for the firm where I work. Today, only a handful of them still function. The USB jack is positioned in an awkward place behind the stand. The jack is just soldered to the circuit board, and eventually loosens or falls off completely.

I’m always careful when plugging the cable in or pulling it out, and mine still works. We ended up replacing these AOC ones with Asus portable monitors. In my opinion the AOC monitors have a better image.

I have used on a Windows 10 computer without any problems.

USB monitors are all DisplayLink, and you can get the latest drivers directly from the DisplayLink consortium.

I bought mine new on Amazon, I’ve had it for over a year, and I love it. In fact, I’m thinking about getting the larger, higher res one since this one does have smaller resolution.

My only real gripe is the USB cable is uber-loose, so much so that jiggling it slightly knocks out the connection. (Sigh.) I called AOC and they sent a replacement cable to me, but that did not fix the issue, unfortunately. Overall, I’d probably rate it 4 stars.

Do you think a little judicious use of epoxy to support the connector might make them more durable?

I bought one of these the last time it was offered. Two days ago, it slid off the edge of a bed onto a carpeted floor, a fall of about 18". The screen shattered. I would not call it durable in any sense. The monitor is also bulky (it’s bigger than my laptop while having a smaller and lower resolution screen) and the cable connection is in an awkward place. I’d buy another one for $30 or so but otherwise I’m going to look for something higher quality.

It worked for about 50days and now the screen won’t light up, not even a dull grey as it did before updating my graphics driver. Any suggestions for troubleshooting?

I’d recommend getting in touch with AOC; these monitors have a 90 day warranty through them.

If you have any trouble or need additional assistance, please send your order number and situation to CS can check into your account and review any options.

AOC Support team was very help. Purged my old driver and installed new one… now it works. Troubleshooting steps for others below:

Make sure you have the correct software driver install, follow the below steps and let me know the results.

  • Disconnect the monitor from your computer
  • Uninstall the software driver from your computer (Display Link Core, Display Link Graphics and DL Setup)
  • Go to “My Computer”, click on C: Drive, click on Program files and delete any folder from Display link
  • Run the DL Install cleaner:
  • Go to
  • Select Download driver from the upper left hand corner
  • Scroll down and download the 8.0 M2 Software
  • Once installed restart your computer
  • Once you are completely logged in connect the monitor to your computer once again.

If the problem continues please try the monitor with a different computer to verify if the product is faulty or it’s a software related issue.