AOC 17" USB 3.0 Powered Portable LED Monitor

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AOC 17" USB 3.0 Powered Portable LED Monitor
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Can I output video from a Samsung S4 to this?

Kinda sorta. The S4 will output video if a adapter dongle is used (MHL-to-HDMI) see:

But you will need to have 110v available for the wall power. The phone can’t drive this monitor directly. The dongle supplies that.

Many of the Amazon reviews say that there’s no Windows 10 driver yet. No guarantee one will come, either. So keep that in mind.

Does anyone know if this will work with a Raspberry Pi? would be a cool wall display project I think…

**nevermind…raspbery pi are all usb 2.0…thought the newest one had 3.0 :confused:

Here is a link to the Windows drivers for displaylink, including Windows 10.

I have a similar USB monitor running fine on my Windows 10 laptop. They all use DisplayLink and you can just download their drivers, etc directly. Works perfectly fine, no problems.

Aren’t USB 3.0 devices backward compatible?

That solution mentioned will not work. That solution you mention gets HDMI output from the phone. This monitor does not have HDMI input, it’s input is from USB. So no it will not work with a phone because it would need the correct drivers, which do not exist.

Ports yes, devices no.

12 Mbps USB 2.0 is a huge difference from the 480 Mbps USB 3.0 needed to run video. Hence this device needs version 3.0 ports

Vector beat me to the corrections.

12mbps is USB 1. USB 2 is 480mbps while 3 is 5 gbps.