AOC 22” 1080p LED Monitor

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AOC 22" 1080p LED Monitor
$99.99 + $5 Standard OR $16 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Is good?

Holy crap! Is that Brandon Lee?

Got this and like it. Great monitor for the low low price.

No HDMI? No dice!

Can this be mounted without the base?

I had one of these at my old office.
It’s nothing special really but it was nice for what I used it for (just work really).

It gets the job done as a relatively large monitor and for a nice price.

Monitor doesn’t have speakers, so you don’t need HDMI. DVI = HDMI minus speaker connections.

Have this and it works great!

rather WITH the base?

It got decent reviews on CNET (good bang for the buck, but obviously not high-end).

It appears to be discontinued and out of stock.

Got these the last 2 woot off’s, in for two more!

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Base doubles as a unique smart wall-mount that saves space and retains a tilt function for ergonomic viewing (mounting hardware not included)

Pretty sure the mounting is done with the base, else there would be no build-in tilt function.

That’s what the description says, and I think one of the images kind of shows it.

This is tempting. I want a dual-monitor setup, but my other one is 23.6" and so this would be slightly off. I think I’d end up getting all OCD over it.

It is not compatible for VESA which is a common mounting standard. If you need a mountable display, check for VESA in the description.

My concern is dead pixels. Anyone know how woot! or handle this issue? I don’t normally buy flatscreens online because of this issue.

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