AOC 22” 1080p LED Monitor

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Important setup note: all connectors are at the back of the BASE, and the plugs will stick out from there. This works great for my setup, where the wiring comes through a hole in my desk, behind the monitor. Your mileage may vary if you need to push the monitor back against a wall, or there are other obstacles behind it.

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can someone tell me again why they created tech.woot if they aint gonna use it

I own this exact monitor and I’d have to say I love it.

Would not worry about this. Woot service guys are pretty good and I never had issues with any items. I bought a tv from them a few years ago and it was a refurb and it was fine.

I hear ya, I picked up 2 Lenovo L2261 from Fry’s last year for $79, being looking for a 3rd one but can’t find them in the $100 range.

I my budget issue over rides my OCD issue. I use a 24" with a 17" on the right side and a 14" on the left side. It’s funky, but it works great for my needs. My needs = working in Photoshop all day while watching TV/video on smallest screen.

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Hmm… No DVI/VGA outputs on my laptop. Only HDMI. Has HDMI to VGA male cable?

It’s a cheap TN panel. So if you can accept horrible viewing angles, poor black levels, poor color reproduction and a crappy non-vesa mounting solution, go for it.

My husband has this monitor and it’s great, especially at this price. I would have jumped on this deal if I hadn’t just received a new monitor on Sunday.

warms my heart.

same size, brand new LG you can get it for $109. Beat that!

I’m currently using a predecessor model from the same company and just ordered 2 more for other computers in the house. I find it very crisp and love being able to have documents up side by side.

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