AOC 22” 1080p LED Monitor

and we’re up and running again.

Too many of the items on this Woot-off are refurbished for my taste. I was going to pull the trigger on a few before I noticed that they were not new.

That’s okay. I finally got that “the binge” shirt I’ve been wanting and had time to take a shower between woots.

Short Review:

I bought two of these on 12/31 and I’m quite happy with mine. I have it hooked up w/ a DVI cable, and it looks great. You would never know it was a refurb.

wish it had a HDMI input…but it don’t so I won’t…

I bought one a while back. Love it. Now I will have 2.

In for one! Wanted to replace a 19" and this just works. Kind of dig the included wall mount options, now that is an idea!

I picked up two from the last Woot-off; no problems, better color/contrast than the Acer 24" LCD they replaced. My only “complaint” is that the stand joint is a little stiff, and with it being so thin, I feel like I’m going to snap the screen in half when I try to tilt it. I haven’t yet, so that’s something. Also, note that if you want to VESA mount them, you’re going to be mounting the stand and all.

tl;dr - Buy it if you need a decent monitor in this size.

The DVI cable gives me the same image quality as HDMI would, and for sound I have my computer hooked up to separate speakers anyway. So for me, lack of HDMI wasn’t a dealbreaker. But for other setups it could be less than ideal.

Bought one of these recently from Woot. They are a nice monitor, although as noted in the comments then, the blacks are not deep. This is apparently normal on an LED monitor. However my wife loves it. It is light and thin and has a good image.
Wall mount is simply the base connected to the wall with the panel folded back. The base has all the connections, so it cannot be removed.
The unit appears to be somewhat fragile. The arm on the base stand is small and I can see it breaking if you are not careful. The tilt angle is limited.

bluerigger dvi to hdmi, 6 bucks on amazon. not ideal, but maybe worth looking into.

Same here… how do you not have an HDMI input?

I use even cheaper HDMI to DVI adapters, and they work just fine with my AOC monitors.

I have one of this model, and two of the 23" e2343Fk from previous Woots. I am staring at the e2343Fk’s right now. I would buy another if my stupid work computer could handle a third monitor, but two is its limit.

Because it’s a monitor without speakers, not a tv with speakers. They assume you’ll fork out the $4 for an adapter to use it another way.

Do they still put boxes of crayons or a bunch of crawfish for sale anymore or did they quit?