AOC 22" 1080p LED-backlit Monitor

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AOC 22" 1080p LED-backlit Monitor
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Good reviews from Tiger Direct

Check out these comments from when this was sold back in May and solid reviews (4.1 out of 5.0) over at

Just noticed this has only a 21.5" viewable area.

I remember, back in the CRT days, having a viewable image less than the advertised size was a fairly common practice. Nowadays though, with LCD’s, haven’t really seen that.

I’m fairly certain LCD’s are generally advertised at their true viewable area. This one, not so much. :-/

TVs are measured corner to corner. Tube or otherwise.

Features tab claims viewable angle is 170/160.
Specs tab says 90/60.
Big difference, which is it, Woot?

Hmm. That is a rather large gap. Let me see if I can get some clarification and an update. Thanks for pointing that out.

UPDATE: The specs have been updated to state 170/160. Sorry for the discrepancy.

This is a terrible monitor. I am very sad Woot is pushing this till date.They have had this model in several sales and also as featured on main tech page. I fell for it but the monitor really Sucks. The viewing angle is “90/60” which is really horrible. You literally have to be in the same position to be able to see the right colors. Thankfully mine was defective and I returned.

AOC makes good monitors and I have 2 of them but this one sucks.

Actually, that’s not the case. CRT’s are measured diagonally, from the exterior of the display. LCD’s are measured diagonally from within the bevel (the actual viewable area).

This is because with CRT’s, it is the full tube that is being measured, even the area behind the bezel (the non-viewable-area). This portion of the screen is not actually used because, due to the nature of how CRT technology works, the image would become stretched/distorted at these far edges. Therefore, a tube dimension and a viewable image dimension were necessary for CRT’s.

With LCD’s, this edge distortion issue does not exist, and therefore LCD screens are measured by their actual viewable area.


So basically, the only time you’ll see an LCD monitor advertised by it’s non-viewable-area (in this case, a 21.5" being advertised as a 22") is when the manufacturer is being a little deceptive with its marketing. I’m glad to see that Woot called out the fact that it’s actually a 21.5" display right in the opening paragraph of their description. Still, AOC shouldn’t have called it a 22" to begin with.

Additional References…
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Can I ask where you got this information? It seems like everywhere else I look it says the viewing angle is 90/60.

According to the buyer, the features are from the manufacturer website and the viewing angle was from another site, which wasn’t mentioned when I asked.

Any idea when these are going to be available again? I missed out on grabbing a pair by an hour. Damn direct deposit!

Sorry but we don’t schedule very far in advance so there’s no way to know. There’s a link in my signature to a list of All Plus Sales. It’s updated weekdays by around 9:30am CT.