AOC 23” 1080p LED Monitor

Amazon page, where it is customer rated at 3.8 out of 5 stars and currently priced at $149.99

Newegg page, selling for $139.99

Same price as NEW at Best Buy"&cp=1&lp=2

[MOD: That’s a different model number. We’re selling AOC E2343FK. You linked to AOC E2351F.]

Real quick, $1 cheaper at $118.99 tonight vs. previous woot:

My previous post, slightly edited:

ZDNet review summary:

from alatest:

and PC world new zealand:

Edit: keep in mind these are new prices below, and this is a refurb (definition of refurb in my signature below)

4.1/5 stars at best buy for $159.99 (vs. $119.99 here)

Walmart 2 star and 4 star, $149.99

Product website:

including manual

$139.99 at BHP

$159.99 and 14 reviews, 4.4 stars at TigerDirect (it was $149.99 in June)





I hope this isn’t too obvious, but this would be great for someone who bought a computer that didn’t come with a monitor and needed a monitor.

Did I miss the spec detail for input? Does it not support HDMI? Thanks

real quick, the Best Buy link above says no, and the manual link doesn’t seem to show HDMI connection. Bye.

I have a couple of the 22" version from a previous offering. They’re definitely above average monitors, nice and bright and crisp. I use one for graphics work and the other for my home computer/media machine.

One note on mounting–the base/mounting thing is neat, but if you replace it in the future, your monitor will end up about a foot lower than this one will (or you’ll need to redrill/remount). Minor annoyance, but since I don’t see a need to upgrade for a while…

These aren’t $500 monitors, but quality for price they’re really rather good.

You CAN get a HDMI to DVI adapter. Just the audio doesn’t come through. I know it works because I did that from a HDMI cable box to an older Sony Plasma with DVI input.

Has anyone used one of these for a video editing setup? I need a second affordable monitor but I read in the reviews posted above that it has a yellow cast too it.

I don’t do a whole lot of color work, just minor tweaking.


I bought the 22" a while back to use with my laptom. Awesome monitor, very clear, thin, and I don’t see any yellow cast. I recommend it as a second monitor.

FYI - AOC has to have more then 5 dead pixels before they will warranty the monitor. Bought one and it has a dead pixel in the middle of the screen.

This is a pretty common practice.

Please note that the base cannot be removed. So if you want a monitor that you can mount on a wall or something like that you can’t really use this one.

Actually, there’s a little button slider on the bottom that allows you to pivot the monitor so that it rests flush against the base, allowing you to mount it to a wall quite easily. I bought this monitor several woots ago and have used it both for casual netflix and a secondary monitor when I bring the work laptop home with me. I’ve used it with both VGA and DVI and have been nothing but happy with the overall experience. Right now, it stands on its base upright, but eventually I will probably end up mounting it to the wall in my office. I’d definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a nice, clean, beautiful monitor.

I picked up a couple of these when they first rolled around on Woot. I liked them. I picked up two more today, because I gave one to my wife, and I don’t like mismatching. :slight_smile:

(I did have one die within two weeks, but AOC replaced it, no fuss)

I don’t know if I’d recommend them for professional photo/video, though, as I see a halo around the edge of the display.

As for the lack of HDMI inputs…it has DVI. A decent HDMI/DVI costs less than five bucks, and works perfectly.

yes, it’s a good quality monitor, but versatility with gadgets stinks. No HDMI ports, no USB ports. Just the old school types (what are those serial ports or something). I mean, I didn’t even see audio ports. seems like good resolution, but way limited. too bad. great price.

but the pic showed it had it’s own way to wall mount. not as cool as the other type of mounts, but mountable anyway. hmm…articulation getting vague here…LOL

Why would a monitor that couldn’t output any sound need audio ports? Additionally, why would a monitor that has no sound capabilities need an hdmi port? DVI outputs the the same quality image as HDMI does. The only difference is that HDMI carries audio with it as well, which isn’t necessary on a monitor without speakers. They do sell HDMI to DVI cables if needed.