AOC 23" 1080p LED Monitor w/ Dock



Still no woot off love for tech :frowning: You really are the red headed step child


Yeah, this is the worst Woot-off ever!


Any reviews for this monitor? Am in for one.


Docks only good for iphone or ipod? Not interested.


Hmmm… I got a dead pixel in the middle of my monitor recently that has been bugging me. I am trying to decide if that is a good enough excuse to spring for a new monitor.


Checked out the vendor’s site at and noted that VESA mounts aren’t mentioned anywhere, including on the instruction manual.

I mount my monitors on articulated arms so the desktop stays free for other purposes. Anyone else that might want alternative mounting choices, look elsewhere.

That said, the probably-related E2343FK has pretty good rating over at newgg.


Ouch: Pretty harsh TechRadar review.


Um…what’s “universal” about a (now outdated) proprietary dock?


not so attractive!


This monitor would have been perfect for me if it had Audio out from the I-pod doc.


I’m just guessing here… this can NOT be hooked up to a dual monitor mount…



So TechRadar likes all the bad things and is against the thinness.




This seems like a really good deal and I think I might know why: iPods, iPhones and other devices that use the proprietary 30-pin connector are all being shafted because Apple is changing their standard to the “Lightning” connector which is about 80 percent smaller.

I would get this monitor if I had the technical skills to remove the bezel and mount the LCD screen to a different monitor base, adding support for different connectors, USB 3.0, eSATA and full HDMI in particular.


Did you mean to link to this instead?


Now i am using AOC monitor which is very nice. But not this exact model. Mine is I2353PH which is very slim and rounded with aluminum front style. Color is very balanced.