AOC 23" 1080p LED Monitor w/ Dock

Previosly Sold On 12/10/2012 for $169.99 (Woot-Off)
Previosly Sold On 11/30/2012 for $169.99
Previosly Sold On 10/23/2012 for $169.99

Would I be able to plug an xbox into this monitor and play it with any sort of decent image quality using an HDMI cable?

Also wondering about input lag for online xbox. I’m a pro mlg player and I’m looking for an extra gamer monitor for the boat.
edit- did some research.

“MLG” gamer, uses 23" tv.



Lots of pro console gamers play on computer monitors… it allows you to focus on more of the game at once without shifting your vision

Also monitors have much lower input lag than essentially every TV on the market.

Apple dieties? heh.

Would have been if the dock had a microUSB / Android charging option or some sort of adapter.

You ain’t kidding, I was getting ready to buy this when I saw ‘23" monitor with dock’. I thought that sounded awesome … then I saw iPhone and got sad, very sad. Freakin’ P.O.S. Apple iPhone junk!