AOC 24" QHD 144hz Gaming Monitor

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Anyone know if you can get the 144hz with an Nvidia card, since freesync is an AMD thing?

Only thing making me hesitant about this as I’m looking for a 144hz, 1440p, 1ms monitor.

Best to look up the specs for your particular Nvidia card.

Yes, this would depend entirely on which particular card you’ve got. anything in the 900 series or higher should be able to handle it just fine.

From what I have researched this won’t work for me.

Nvida has G-sync, which is no the industry standard for high refresh rate and thus costs more.

Freesync is AMD’s marketing term for it and it is the “free” industry standard version.

However, since Nivida wants their stuff locked into their special G-sync they will not play nicely with this monitor, so i would only get 60hz vs 144hz.

bummer. I wouldve second guessed my video card purchase if it was going to cost me an arm and leg later for a monitor.