AOC 27" 1080p IPS LED Monitor w/ 2 HDMI

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AOC 27" 1080p IPS LED Monitor w/ 2 HDMI
Price: $122.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Note Significant Price Drop!

A solid 4 star product, but not intended for multi-monitor use.

I think my space will utilize it well so… in for one.

“The ultra-narrow bezel measures just 0.2”, for a borderless appearance that is ideally suited for use in a dual monitor or multiple monitor setup"

I’d be all over this if it had a VESA mount. Too bad.

First and foremost, the bezel means nothing in this case. The display area doesn’t stretch to .2" to the edge. It’s just about full half inch from top and the sides until the display/screen area begins.

I bought three of these last time (refurbished).

One stopped working and cost a silly amount to have it shipped/insured for warranty replacement.

Second one started making barely audible whistling noise from the speakers, which is extremely aggravating.

Third one I accidentally dropped and screen broke (these are very heavy and not very sturdy. Repair would have cost more than the returb purchase price and if you want to replace the screen yourself, it’s only $30 less than the repair.

Three input sources are nice. Separate power supply box is nice in my opinion. Range of display properties adjustment is nice. Touch-controls are responsive. Performance is decent. Aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Base has an annoying shape. The stand arm coming out of the monitor’s back is ridiculous (not wall-mountable)—they really, really did not think this through.

Wouldn’t buy it again, even for $100.

VESA adapter Link

It weighs like 11 pounds. No one feels sorry for you being a butterfingers

And why does a computer monitor need to be wall mountable?

1920 x 1080 ? Why for the love of god are you using a 21" or 23" screen’s resolution on a 27" display? If it were an upgrade from my existing 23" display, I’d get it. (I don’t have space for a 2nd monitor) Bigger does NOT equal more desktop space when they’re the same resolution. Almost bought it till I saw that. Pass. Too bad.

I bought one of these sexy bad boys in the 24in variety over 2 years ago, and there is no way i could be happier. fantastic response times, 2 hdmi, audio in and out (which helped to put my gaming pc and laptop audio through the same speakers without an external adapter because of my current config), and it is one of the few IPS displays that uses matte instead of glossy screens. this is invaluable unless you are doing color accurate work, which i don’t, and you barely loose any if you do ( i have heard it is possible, but havent noticed any). This price is a steal for this monitor. The speakers exist, but are nothing to brag about at all, nice if you rarely need them and don’t already have computer speakers, but i would usually recommend a chap 2.1 for anyone over almost any built in ones. Final note, THIS MONITOR IS SEXY AS ANYTHING!!! absolutely stunning even to this day.

limited height (18.5")…can monitor be set on shelf without base…will monitor slide lower on base? Thanks

I have bought 2 of these refurbs from Woot and they are one heck of a deal (even at a higher price).

The lack of a VESA mount makes applications very limited. As an example, it cannot be attached to a monitor stand which may make it unfeasible for use.

Thanks for that. But I’m not paying that price to fix their design mistake! Very odd decision on their part to use such a strange mount.

I got mine today. So excited. It looks great and is making me a 3 monitor desktop with my MacBook Pro 15" mid 2014 Retina laptop. Looks great and the image is more than what I needed for the 3rd screen (mainly for email and IM). At $122 even the wife couldn’t fault me for getting a 3rd monitor!

Sweet! Thanks for coming back to report on the monitor!