AOC 27" 1080p LED Monitor with Speakers

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Has VESA mount & removable base unlike many AOC monitors.

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Let’s check out the product page

Staples says “That’s good stuff”

So this one has a 2ms response time vs. the IPS version which has a 5ms response time. That makes it sound like this one is more than twice as fast. What I don’t understand is that both have a 60Hz refresh rate. 60Hz comes out to 16ms. I guess I don’t know enough about how monitors work, but if the screen refreshes every 16ms, what’s the difference between 2ms and 5ms response time? They’re both way less than 16ms.

Well, I guess it means that you see the stuff 3ms closer to when it’s actually happening. I guess if you’re going to talk about … refresh rates, you could compare… say…
0ms: (instaneous response, 60hz)
Where |'s are new frames, and .'s are some form of time, to 2ms and 5ms:

That makes sense, I guess. Right?

A refresh rate of 60Hz means that the screen updates 60 times every second. This is the speed the whole screen update.

Response time is the time it takes one pixel to change. Traditionally (and by standard) this is the time it takes for a pixel to change from full-black to full-white. Nowadays, it’s more common to see a Gray to Gray (or GTG, as you see in the specs).

Reference: (Under Display technologies)

If I could get 3 I would have bought already…

I was surprised with the amount of like i have for my AOC. Pretty good deal. It is all i need for playing my games.

Can someone refresh me on Woot’s policy for dead pixels? It’s been a couple of years since I last bought a monitor here (and IIRC, last time I got one with a dead pixel, and didn’t bother to do anything about it).

Same here. I don’t get the whole one per customer thing, particularly if I wanted to take the time I could set up multiple accounts and order the 3 I really want.

Hmmm, bought an Acer 27" new for 199 shipped from newegg last week, seems a non-refurb semi-namebrand was worth the $25? Course I bet these are all still the same manufacturer…

@lichme, those are unusually positive reviews at Newegg. Normally Newegg reviews can be pretty picky and critical.

@mmxcore, if yours is the same Acer currently at that price with a promo code, the downside is it does not have any reviews. I find Newegg user reviews to be more helpful than most other sites for this kind of gear. Also that Acer does not appear to have HDMI (needs a clunky adapter if you need HDMI).

Regarding the manufacturer, while it is possible they share components, I’d bet not since both Acer and AOC are based in Taiwan and more likely competitors. I believe Acer is its own company while AOC is part of a Hong Kong conglomerate that also owns the TV/monitor business of the old Phillips brand.

Trivia: AOC = Admiral Overseas Corporation. Its roots trace back to the US TV brand Admiral.

I’m too lazy for that. I would have bought 2. Although I’m happy enough with the 2 22in AOC’s (AOC 2234W) I’ve bought from Woot in the past. I have them set up together. It’s nice having so much screen real estate. Although they don’t have sound (my old Dell monitor had it, so it was a pain having to buy speakers). The colors are sharp and clean; the led makes them lightweight. I wished they were a bit more adjustable but you can’t have everything.

more screen but bigger pixels…

my 22 inch monitor is 1600x1050
so with this I would add 5 inches diagonally but only +300 pixels horz and -30 pixels vert.

the reason to get something this size would be to expand my desktop a good deal. Needs to be 2560x1440 to make any appreciable difference.

also limiting me to purchasing just one is not right… I use two monitors and would not buy if I could not get at least two.

We’ve just had a discussion about this and realized that some people might like to get a dual-monitor setup with the same monitor. We’ll consider this for future monitor sales.

For this sale, consider it sharing with other Wooters.

Well said; I’d like to add the specs all look great for this monitor! It about matches my Acer (which I love) which cost the same new (1 & a half year ago) but is about 4"s bigger. Yay bigger! While In-Plane-Switching monitors are superior the sure cost more. I’d like a IPS 30" myself, at Dell they have a 29" IPS on sale for $600 right now, which is down a grand from a year ago! I’ll keep letting those puppies drop in price & would grab this deal if I needed it. :wink:

Yup, I was about to splurge and upgrade for my dual monitor set-up, but one is useless to me. Lost this sale.