AOC 28" 4K Ultra High Definition Monitor

Reviews over at Newegg

What is the dead pixel policy on the 90-day Woot warranty? I saw a few reviews from different folks saying their new AOC arrived with one defective pixel; and these are refurbs, so…

Hmmm, slightly different model numbers. Maybe this is version 2?

I’m really not 100% on that, but I sent your question along to the “responsible” parties. Check back for an update!

Anybody know the measurements?

No Version 2.
The photos shown are for an entirely different model!
The photos are of the “AOC i2481FXH 24-Inch Class IPS Frameless LED Monitor, Full HD 1080p,5ms,20M:1 DCR,VGA,(2)HDMI”. $149.99 NEW @ Amazon.
The AOC U2879VF monitor being sold here actually looks like THIS ONE Those folks that have already bought one are going to be very surprised when they get their monitor …and probably pi$$ed too!
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot WOOT??

Wow, that’s drastically different. Stand, and bezels. Thanks for the heads up!


they updated the monitor image now… haha

Yes, thank you to everyone for pointing out the issue!

Height: 18.4 inches
Width: 26 inches
Depth: 6 inches
Weight: 11.6 pounds

Shame there’s no VESA mounting capability. I’ve taken to mounting my stuff on monitor arms to free up desk space.

VESA mounting is the only thing keeping me from buying this monitor

Dose anyone know what power cord that this monitor uses?

i need the brick + the end that connected to the monitor

i received a power cord that was too small for the monitor and cant use it

Uh oh! I’m sorry to hear you got the wrong power cord.If you haven’t already, please use the Customer Service form for assistance.