AOC 40" Curved 4k UHD Monitor

AOC 40" Curved 4k UHD Monitor

Was stoked to give this monitor to a friend, and it came late yesterday Box looked fine, no holes or obvious impact, so i waited until this morning to open it.

Was surprised to find the styrofoam inside had crushed and the monitor had been crashing into the inside of the box, repeatedly.

The top corners of the unit are dinged and the paint is chipped on top edges of the frame.
The strikes were hard enough to actually warp the frame. IMG_20181124_101517

Fired it up and it works, but this is not how i want a gift to look, so i am glad i opened and checked it.

On the good side, this thing shipped with every cable necessary to hook it up, and the picture is glorious. Audio is a little tinny, but i didn’t buy it for the speakers.

So, happy, but sad. Check your shipments, even when the box looks fine.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m very sorry about the shipping issue. Please please use the Woot Customer Service form and let them know.