AOC E1659FWU 16" Portable LED Monitor

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AOC E1659FWU 16" Portable LED Monitor
Price: $72.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Previous Similar Sales (May not be exact model)
4/29/2016 - $74.99 (Woot Plus)


I’ve bought 3 of these, different variations (2 on Woot). Need a 2nd screen for your laptop that you can travel with? Get this. Easy to use and pack, lightweight. Only consideration is resolution vs your laptop. Then again my laptop is 4K, one AOC screen is 760 and the other is 1080. Things tend to end up on the screen where they best fit.

Do these work with the raspberry pi

Near the end of the video review the guy said he couldn’t getting working with pi

Will this work with cellphones?

Nope, no drivers are available from displaylink. I had an unused previous version of one of these gathering dust so I hacked it and installed a VGA controller board off eBay. It turned out to be a pretty nice screen, which surprised me because under USB power the brightness is limited and you can’t adjust screen settings.

I am so sick of Woot charging tax on shipping (illegal) that it has prevented me from ordering. Maybe more complaints from buyers will get them to change their site and make the correction

What do you want to bet - they charged tax on shipping - check and if so, get a credit and advise them that this is illegal !!!

Wrong. It’ll be illegal to NOT charge sales tax in multiple states.

If you want to complain, write to your state officials. Woot is just following their laws.

Actually, you are incorrect. Some states actually do require that tax is collected on shipping costs. I know Kentucky is one of them because I just went through a sales tax audit there.

Question- is this for USB? haha, guess they made that pretty clear. I noticed tho they obviously avoided showing a picture with either a USB cable attached, or the port into which you plug the said USB cable into. I assume it is not underneath the bottom edge, but how can I be sure?

Any idea if this will work in conjunction with an HDMI monitor, giving you three screens?

I think I read somewhere that this model features a faster connection via USB 3.0. My question is does it still work with USB 2.0 (backwards compatible) and how well does it work on USB 2.0?

Yes I have used this with USB 2.0. I love mine, but the slower response time even on USB 3.0 means it’s best for screen sharing (resolution permitting) and monitoring my Skypes and messages while working on my laptop. I wish it was a little thinner but it still fits fine in a standard bag with my 15" laptop

I have used mine with 3 other monitors off my laptop giving me a total of 5 :slight_smile:

The USB port is in the middle of the back and it’s parallel, not perpendicular to the back. It comes with a double end cable but I use it with a standard USB 3 cable all the time.

Will this work with my Mac?

(It will. DisplayLink has drivers. I just thought folks might enjoy the blast from the past.)

I used to think those folks were serious. Then I jumped in on the bandwagon trying to beat others to to the punch. My favorite was wondering if a listed steam iron was mac compatible.