AOC Monitors

Not sure how this all that much of a deal considering you can buy one brand new for $380 elsewhere (hmmm…Amazon).

Decent reviews.

New Egg

I own the “I2757FH” 27" IPS AOC. I did not buy it from Woot, but rather from Best Buy. It was about 60 bucks more from best buy. The first one that I bought had some blacklight bleed on the lower left (common location) with some ips glow. I returned it and got another, this time the blacklight bleed was very minimal, although the IPS glow persisted (a very common issue that you should EXPECT on all IPS monitors that do not use a digitizer). In short, IPS glow is a kind of glare which from certain angles will cause dark scenes to become washed out.

Still, this monitor has been impressive, especially with its very low input lag and minimal overdrive overshoot (it has good response time). It has exceptional contrast for an IPS, meeting its set goal of 1000 static. Also, despite sticking with the 1080 resolution, the size does not diminish the clarity and I find the extra space excellent for gaming, working, and movies. All in all, its a great all around monitor…

But be weary. If you are to get one with the blacklight bleed (which is common), then you will be a bit bummed if watching movies or playing games.

Thinking about getting the USB powered one, but noticed the video also comes over USB. Does that mean it gets no benefits from the graphics card I installed?

I bought the 2752 at Best Buy a while ago, and it is what I use now. I really like it, and bought it specifically to play games. I’m not an expert at all, but I have had no problems whatsoever and the image quality is as good as my eyes can discern. I play both Xbox and PC games on it, and am quite pleased with it.

AOC E2460SD vs E2450SWD ?

Other than one of them being sold out, I can’t see the difference between the two.

Same price and both 24".

So say I get the 16" USB-powered monitor. Can I get a OTG cable, plug it to my rooted Android phone, and plug the monitor’s USB into the OTG cable connected to the phone to output it to the monitor? Assuming I plug it to another power source like a laptop I suppose (or a portable battery used to charge phones)?

do these things have standard connectors on the back for alternative monitor stands? the pic of the back suggests not, but i cant be entirely certain

If it says “VESA compatible” then yes, if not (and you dont see four little holes making a rectangle in the back), then no. :smiley:

Look on the specs. It will say if it’s wall mountable or not. This means whether it has VESA mounts or not.

Wish aoc i2367fh was still available!!!

Every AOC I’ve owned (three now) have VESA mounts, they just tend to be hidden with the normal pedestal mount. Make sure it says VESA compatible, and if so, you’re good to go.

FWIW, I currently have the 29" 21:9 monitor, and it’s fantastic. I use it for animation work and game development, and it’s a great solution for what I use it for.

Have one too. It’s pretty good for most games, however some get a little weird at the edges. I’m honestly considering getting another. Or two :smiley:

Looks to be a good deal. I think I might get two of them.

I’ve been looking into a dual monitor setup for my Mac mini and really want two identical screens. I have a discontinued 21.5" Dell and having a hard time finding a second one.

I’m guessing I can use the HDMI > DVI adapter that came with my mini for connecting to one of them, and my Thunderbolt to > DVI adapter for the other.

Two 24" screens might be a little insane for my desk…but it certainly sounds nice for $200…


Comparing I2757FH (27") to Q2963PM (29" UltraWide), the dimensions do not make sense.

The 27" is only shorter by 3 inches (W)! Either the Ultrawide is not really wide or the 27" could be almost an ultrawide by itself?

27":Dimensions with Base: 24.49"(W) x 19.65"(H) x 5.12"(D)

29":Dimensions with Base: 28.1"(W) x 15.3"(H) x 8.4"(D)

Just got my 2 24" monitors today and they are awesome. Very nice upgrade from the 8 year old 19" monitors I had before. The colors look amazing and there are 0 dead pixels. Could not be happier!

I own a factory reconditioned AOC E2351F 23" 1080p LED Monitor and I have to say, I love it. Though there is one downside. the stand the monitor is on is pretty flimsy. I highly recommend that you read the instructions before you try and flip out the monitor stand, if you do it incorrectly it will likely break. Overall, I am tempted to give this monitor a 5 out of 5 for the price. However, given the stand problems I have to give it 4 out of 5.

You would be correct about the adapter

Amazon has the same
AOC E2752SHE-B 27" 1080p Full-HD Monitor for $20 more, for brand new. WITH free shipping. Was hoping Woot would be different, and actually provide real deals.