AOC Monitors

(AOC E2752SHE-B)found good reviews, but for $30.00 dollars more you can buy new with three year warranty. PASS

Do these ever come back in stock? I’ve been looking for a good deal on the i2369v since I missed out over a month ago at Staples…

AOC E1659FWU - that’s the 16" USB 3.0 monitor reviews…
PC/Linux (hit: doesn’t work on Linux)
Macintosh Works, but no portrait mode on Mac.
A really thorough review Looks like USB 3.0 speeds enables movie watching.

In all, pluses include [list]
[]Light and portable
]Single cable hookup
[]Capable of playing movies
[]Colors a little washed out
]Reduced functionality on non-Windows computers
[]“Waves” seen when dark-on-light applications are displayed.
]Screen needs additional protection when transporting (plastic, not tempered glass front).[/list]

In all, looks like a steal for a side-window monitor, esp. for viewing/editing multiple documents. Portrait/landscape interchangeability is a good feature.

Incidentally, the pixel pitch on the Ultra-Wide is roughly equivalent to that of a 23" 16:9 1080P monitor. If you have one of those, they should line up nicely.

I bought the AOC 27" 1080p LED Monitor with Speakers. It came Wednesday. DOA. White screen only, none of the inputs work. In hindsight this purchase was a mistake. The same monitor new is available for $25 more from several sources. Hope Woot CS will make good.