AOC Monitors

Just wondering if anyone has any experience with this monitor?

Hi there! Which one?

i have a pair of 23" ultra slim they are pretty awesome monitors, easy set up look really nice. Honestly wish i had gotten bigger ones. Very clear easy on the eyes i can look at pron for hours now! i mean…uh…spreadsheets…

This is the one I was actually looking at: AOC Q2963PM 29"

Thanks for the reply.

Reviews on Newegg look encouraging. I’ve been thinking about getting a 1440p monitor for my new battlestation, but that 29" has a far better response time than that HP monitor in today’s sale. This would be more suitable for gaming. It’s tempting.

Naturally, 5ms is still a bit of input lag, but I game on a 5ms IPS screen currently and I don’t even notice it, even in fast paced games.

I was looking at it for the longest time (even prior to this event) and while it’s quite good, ultrawide monitors are not for me. I don’t watch enough movies, and having the extra width seems to irritate me more than anything. I tend to put something in the center of the screen more than my predicted use, having two windows side-by-side. For me, it’s much more practical to have a WQHD display with an auxiliary.

Funny that these monitors came up again on woot. I bought 2 AOC 23" LED monitors last time in November. They have a 3 month warranty. A couple months after the warranty period ended, mine started getting a little flakey, screen turning purplish, fuzzy lines, etc. Just Sunday it finally became completely unusable.

I think other people have pointed this out, but the connection between the monitor and the base is very touchy, and flexible, you have to be very careful how you orient these monitors or you damage the cables flowing through the connection. I’m convinced it is a very poor design. The connections are through the base of the stand, so cabling goes through the flexible connection.

So 1 failed and 1 is still working, but I don’t feel like buying another monitor to have a matching set. For now I’ll run off the 23" and my original 21" from DELL. Once the other AOC fails I will just pick up a 27" or 30".

I love my 29" Ultrawide(s).I’ve two stacked on top of each other and its beautiful, especially with the relatively thin bezel.

How good is this deal?

I purchased the AOC i2367 23 inch screen just over a year ago. Worked great, until it didn’t. The left half of the screen had the image of a grid all over it, and it suddenly turned a muddy translucent pink. It is a known problem, at least with that monitor.

Picked one of these up (E2351F) on the last run last month. 2 weeks out of the box and its already gone bad. Past the Woot 21 day window and no response from AOC warranty department yet. Only been 24hrs so I’m not upset yet…

This was ordered to match the one I’ve had for 6mos. No problems with that one yet.

Ordered two 23" monitors from this event and already one has gone kaput…sheesh

I bought the 23" I2367Fh, and it didn’t seem to come with all the pieces:

No Power Brick!
No HDMI Cable!

It looks like this is what should have come with your monitor:
In the box:

AOC I2367FH-B 23" 1080p IPS LED Monitor, 2 HDMI, 50M:1, 5ms, Stereo Speakers, HDCP
Power Adapter

If you think you didn’t get everything you should have, use the support tab above to contact our CS team and they can help.