AOC Monitors

For what it’s worth, I bought the AOC Q2963PM Ultrawide monitor here for $319 back in April and I really like it. In the meantime, I’ve continued to keep an eye on the price on other sites (Amazon, Newegg, Tiger Direct, et al) and $319 is still the lowest price going.

It would be nice if it had 2 HDMI inputs instead of the daisy chain setup IMO, but a $25 HDMI switcher is an easy enough workaround. Since I use it as a TV more than a monitor, it would also be nice if it had a remote control, but given the substantial difference in price between it and the other monitors in it’s category (e.g. 21:9 Dell & LG monitors), these are small compromises. I’m glad I threw down for one :slight_smile:

Anyone had experience using the AOC E1649FWU USB monitor with a Raspberry Pi?

Seems a shame that the non-refurb one is $380. Not sure the price savings are worth it.

I bought the IPS 23" awhile back and it does not have speakers on it. Does this or any AOC? Sure I could front the $50 for speakers but it’s space saving to have them in the monitor.

Yeah this particular AOC 23" IPS: doesn’t have any speakers

Most of the higher sized models have speakers, but you’re probably better off getting an external set (most monitor speakers vary between decent and…not-so-decent)

AOC I2757FH 27" 1080p IPS LED Monitor, 2 HDMI, 20M:1, 5ms, 16.7M Colors, Stereo Speakers, HDCP - love love love this monitor. Got way back when it was still $229 on Woot and recently got another at the $199 price.

Just received the AOC I2269VW 22" 1080p IPS LED Monitor. Looks good and I have it hooked up and it is working well.

Is it IPS panel? I saw in the specs tab it says it’s TFT active matrix panel. From my knowledge, it’s not IPS.

I purchased AOC E1649FWU 16" USB-Powered Portable LED Monitor

Showed up with no USB plug at all. Basicly a DOA. Woot won’t respond to any emails.

Anyone here from Woot?

If you’re using the old email address, please use the You should receive a response very soon.

You can also use the Support Page to submit a ticket.