AOC Monitors

I have three AOC refurbs around here and I really like them. They all looked brand new on arrival, HD and color quality is excellent and HDMI inputs (some models) make them versatile. IMHO, you can’t beat the overall quality. Of the three, one finally died after two years of constant use but only after the cat dumped a huge glass of iced tea directly on it. Go figure!

I need a new monitor or two for my home office. I am a tech writer who also needs to do a good deal of light graphics editing and lots of video capture. I am, essentially, a one-man shop.

Can anyone recommend a specific monitor here? Left to my own devices, I am likely to just go with the biggest monitor at the cheapest price. This a great chance to be pedantic at someone and have him appreciate it!

Bought the 22 IPS monitors and they blew me away - quality of IPS and price.

The AOC USB 16 inch monitor was cool.

I have four of the AOC I2757FH 27" 1080p IPS LED monitors, all bought here as refurbs/factory re-whatever (can’t recall which). Spectacular, as evidenced by the fact that after buying two a year or so back, I bought two more this year. (Not due to any failures, mind you- the second set was for a second office.)

Absolutely get IPS if you’re doing anything where consistent and accurate color representation is important. They not only have a better color gamut, but the way light exits the screen in IPS allows for wide viewing angles where the color does not distort as your position relative to the monitor changes.

Of the IPS displays left, it’s up to your size preference. These are great prices all around.