AOC Monitors

I don’t really know anything about this particular brand, but some of you might. Would this be a good second monitor for home? :slight_smile:

I have one. It’s got this really fincky touch sensitive controls. The VESA mount is on the bottom of the base. The base is heavy because it contains all the electronics for the monitor and the connection between the base and the arm that connects to the screen is fixed and very flimsy. You can’t adjust the angle of the screen and you can’t mount this on anything other than a wall. Mounting it on a monitor arm will probably result in the screen ripping off of the base.

I’ve had some issues with it blurring intermittently when using VGA (seems to be interference) but it’s been fine with a DVI cable. I’ve ruled out the VGA cables being bad because other monitors and my TV work fine with them. I just think the monitor has poor shielding.

Overall, it’s a really cheap and cheaply built monitor but that works okay for me because I have a nice heavy and stable desk.

I bought the 22" refurb from during one of the woot-offs because our old monitor was only VGA and we needed a DVI input to take full advantage of our computer. The stand / joint is a little delicate (screen is so thin), but you just have to be careful setting it up.

The picture quality is perfect using the DVI input, and I couldn’t be happier with it. You can’t beat it for the price.

Does anyone know if the hdmi on the 32" tv is HDMI-CEC compatible?

AOC monitors are very hit and miss in my experience. Some of them are well built and look great, others have very poor stand design, shake at every little footstep or desk movement, and have very poor viewing angle. I’ve also experienced the blurry VGA problem like another commenter pointed out, DVI fixed it. I’d really recommend examinig these at a brick and mortar before pulling the trigger on woot!. You can usually find Acer brand for the same price point and I have had a lot better luck with them.

The monitor feels a little flimsy everything else is great on it color brightness and just over all look is great,I never had this VGA problem but for $80 dollars nice stander monitor.

PIxel density on these make for good TV’s and not that great of monitors. Here is a good baseline of screen size to resolution.

20 1600x1200 16.1x12.0
24 1920x1200 20.4x12.8
30 2560x1600 25.3x15.8

Don’t buy a monitor for your computer even as a 2nd monitor unless it has these resolutions as a minimum.

Thanks for the honest review. Saved me some money and aggravation!

The ones I’ve had my employer purchase have all had dead pixels usually in the direct middle of the monitor just to drive you crazy. Not having the power supply built-in also adds to the clutter.

These particular models have the electronics built into the base and just look cheap and flimsy. A commenter above who has one of these corroborates that assessment.

Personally I am not buying even though I am in the market for three. These just aren’t a good buy. Spend a Hamilton or a Jackson more on a better brand, non-refurb, longer warranty, and better overall quality.

Thanks guys. Not buying.

I used an AOC 23.6" for 2 years with not one complaint. The only reason why I didn’t buy another AOC was because I wanted 3D so I went for the Samsung 27"…but YES! I thoroughly recommend AOC.

Just wondering if anyone has had theirs shipped yet because its been 4 days since ive bought mine yet no shipping info.