AOC Monitors

Just wanted to say that my 27" AOC I got a few months ago from woot was awesome. Not a single con I can think of, from color reproduction to contrast, it has been a great monitor. I was really impressed how much better the color and sharpness was improved over my previous florescent-backlit even though they are both 1080p. If you were thinking about buying a new monitor, go big and pick up the 27 incher, you wont be disappointed.

I agree. Besides the lack of mounting options (which I don’t care about)…great monitor.

Tom’s Hardware gave it the thumbs up…and they are a great site for independent reviews.

Great picture, great price.

Only con is that the neck on the stand will wobble if you bump your desk.

The wobble isn’t that bad but will be present on the models with the rounded base.

Bought the 27" AOC a couple months ago. My computer geek son said it looked like good deals on IPS monitors and he would go for the big one. Next to my 23", it is alot bigger… I love it! It was perfect.

I’d be all over the usb powered monitor if it were at least 1600x900, but at 1366x768, it wouldn’t be worth the added carry weight. No wonder it ended up on woot.

I currently own an AOC E2243FW 22” LED Monitor and I love the monitor. I have had it for a year and a half now and haven’t had a single problem. I also have a second monitor that I’m looking to replace because its not full HD.
So my question is can some one explain the difference between the AOC E2243FW 22” LED Monitor and the AOC 2269VW-B 22"

Forget the Monitors… how much for that purple plant in the window?

:frowning: woot’s already out of those sexy 23" 1080 hdmi ones… Sad day…

How has 1080p become a selling point?

My 5 year old 24" Dell monitor has higher native resolution. I can’t imagine using a larger monitor with a lower resolution.

you had a 4k display 5 years ago?

4k is not the only higher resolution.

currently running 1920x1200, 1080p is just 1920x1080.

I wouldn’t do a larger monitor if it wasn’t 2560 x 1440. 24" is already pushing it at normal computer sitting distance.

Also, 4k is a bit of a crock… they switched to advertising horizontal instead of vertical. It is a resolution of 3840x2160… so following the previous labeling it should be called 2160p or 1080p would have been “2k”

If it hasn’t already been invented, then I’m going to create adapters that will encase monitors without mounting holes (Sleek design,of course) that allow you to mount the monitor of any size to a wall bracket. Kind of like the 27" displayed here .

I have the 27 inch IPS monitor. It’s great. Buy one.

IPS = In Plane Switching.
“A type of LCD panel technology. In this type of panel, when no electric current is running through the liquid crystal cells, the cells naturally align in liquid crystal cells in a horizontal direction between two substrate panes of glass which blocks the transmission of light from the backlight. This renders the crystals opaque and results in a black display screen. When an electric current is applied, the liquid crystal cells are able rotate freely through 90° allowing light to pass through resulting in a white display screen. IPS panels have superior image quality, good contrast ratio and wide viewing angles of up to 178°. IPS panels are well suited for graphics design and other applications which require accurate and consistent color reproduction.”

I wish AOC would put their ports back in the monitor and include vesa mount holes on the back. Some people like mounting options.

Bought one of these refurbs a long while back for my grandma’s failing monitor. It’s super thin and light, almost scary thing (flexes a little, so I instructed her to set it and leave it alone) but the brightness, color and all was excellent, especially for the refurb price!

I keep eyeballing that 27"… but I already have a old 24" Sammy with much higher resolution. Plus i can’t mount that 27" on my swing arm mount :frowning:

Thank you! Someone else also noticed the awesome plant in the background…too bad we will never know since this is clearly a photoshopped image.

I’ve got a 22" AOC monitor, and it’s great, but the permanent base and lack of VESA mount really sucks. I can’t even fathom why they would produce monitors with a base that doesn’t come off and lacks VESA mounting.

Also, 1080p is too small a resolution for 27". I have 24" screens at work and they’re 1920x1200. At 27" it should be even higher than 1200, or at least 1200.

Very interested in the USB monitor. Any previous Wooters have a review?

Not from Woot, but we have several of the usb monitors at work. They are very useful for what they are, temporary “desktop” space.
I’m part of the IT group and we use them quite a bit. Resolution is fine for what they are. Its not something you buy to keep permanently next to your desktop, but for travel and ease of movement they do a good job and value imho.

Ha! I came into the forum to see if anyone else was checking it out. It’s very pretty.