AOC Monitors

IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING THE AOC I2757FH (the sexy 27" IPS w/HDMI monitor)…

Note that Best Buy has the SAME monitor NEW with a 3 YEAR WARRANTY and FREE SHIPPING for only 40 bucks more… I’d say thats a much better deal all things considered.{adtype}:{network}&s_kwcid=PTC!pla!{keyword}!{matchtype}!{adwords_producttargetid}!{network}!{ifmobile:M}!{creative}&kpid=6293177&k_clickid=49a5415c-4c36-48a9-422d-00007296ecec

Oh and… great reviews all around for the monitor regardless of where you get it.

Pic for AOC E2351F 23" shows a HDMI input, specs write-up does not list this. Please clarify?

No HDMI. That pic has been removed. Sorry for the confusion. We shall hunt down the party responsible for this and beat them with a wet noodle.

can you post the video…?

We discovered that we are quite lacking in the pasta department here. We are sad.

I was wondering whats the big difference in 23" monitors they’re both 99.99 but obviously different which one is better?

As I say everytime this gets posted. If you are shopping for a 27" monitor, you will not be disappointed with this one. I bought mine a few months ago, and was shocked about how it put my old florescent back lit LCD to shame. Great contrast, great colors, and very tiny bezel. I did have to spend a little time calibrating it, especially playing with the overdrive settings, but it only took about 10 minutes to get perfect.

I don’t own any TVs, so this is great for when friends are over and we want to watch something. Now we don’t all have to huddle up around my old small screen. I really have nothing negative to say about it at all.

Big down side to the 27" model is it doesn’t have VESA mount so common wall or arm mounts are not an option.

About the USB powered monitor, it says max power of 10W. USB2 spec is 2.5W max, and USB3 spec is 4.5W max. So the monitor will draw a current more than double the latest USB power spec. ??? Would like to hear from some people who bought these, about if they really will work with a typical USB connection. I think some high end motherboards can be configured to provide up to 10W to a USB port, but I don’t think that’s common or easy to do.

Anyway if you can, buy one of the IPS monitors. You will be very impressed with the performance. And I think a 5ms response time with a 60Hz refresh rate should be good enough for gamers.

Also the fact that its 1080p.

In for 2 of the 22" Ultra-Slim IPS monitors. Good reviews over on Best Buy, and it’s $70 cheaper for the refurbs. Sounds like a deal, and these will certainly be an improvement over the 3 CCFL LCDs I’m using now, which tend to turn my office into a sauna.

Best Buy listing:

AOC I2757FH 27" 1080p IPS LED Monitor, 2 HDMI, 20M:1, 5ms, 16.7M Colors, Stereo Speakerslol, HDCP

Using it now. i’d give this a 6/10
Pros: wide, bright and versatile
Cons: Screen tearing, Settings feel limited[bright/cont] and a bit obscure… like nature-skin or the pictureBoost(adjustable-overlay)extra.

It’s bigger and brighter than my last monitor, looks nice and gets the job done. When it tears, there isn’t much you can do. It is a bit of an odd bird that needs some tweaking but no problems so far.

Could you please say what “screen tearing” is? I haven’t had any complaints about mine.

Do computer monitors typically have TV wall mounts? I have never seen one that did.

Fairly common in the larger monitors. My Samsung 24" has them.

Just delivered today. Set up the first one with DVI input. Picture is great!

The only small downside is that the monitor POWER CYCLES EVERY 30 SECONDS OR SO!!! ARRRRGGGGGHHHH!

I’m sorry to hear that your monitor is powering cycling hahah
I would recommend that you contact AOC Technical Support to see if they help remedy the issue (or troubleshoot)

My 2 Ultra-slim IPS displays arrived last week, and I’m very happy with them. Text and images are both super-crisp and clear, and it’s great to finally have matching monitors (my 3-monitor array prior was all mixed manufacturers, so colors varied from screen to screen).

As folks noted in reviews elsewhere, while the glass goes nearly edge-to-edge (essentially no bezel on the top or sides), the image does not extend the full width of the glass. So there’s still a small (less than 1") image gap between the monitors. But much less than with most monitors today.

I received the monitor today but IT WAS SHIPPED WITHOUT A BASE.

The monitor has a post, but no base for it to fit into.

Is this something I need to ship the whole thing back to Woot, or will Woot ship me a proper base?

Or should I return the whole thing since it is useless w/o the base.