AOC Monitors

Got the 22in Ultra Slim monitor in the sale they just did on these and I’m 100% satisfied. I only got one, but they’d be excellent for a multi-monitor setup.

Was there only one of the 24" monitors this time? I was waiting for these to come back, and missed them again. :frowning:

Yeah, looks like we were clearing out the last one on that size. Sorry. :frowning:

I would buy 2 of the 16“ USB, but 79.99 for factory reconditioned is hardly a deal. They can be had, new, for 80-90 now. Get the price downto $60 and I’m game for 2.

Any chance of having the 24" again?

It’s not a question of if, but when. It’ll be back. This is the 4th or 5th time I’ve seen these listed, and I always seem to just miss them. :frowning:

Note: make sure to watch Woot, Tech, and Sellout, because they appear randomly on all three (thus making it harder to get them). They often sell out within a couple of hours. :frowning:

Then it’s really a question of… when will you be “lucky enough to get them”, more like.

Monitors last a long time. HIGHLY suggest getting a VESA compatible mount so you have multiple options in the future, especially since the OEM mounts usually don’t have a portrait option. I’ve used a triple portrait monitor set-up for my work use for years and it’s very productive.

Only three? I’m currently using 4 1/2 (the half being a 32" TV I split with, well, TV, combined with two 1080p monitors I picked up over the summer (including an Alienware 3d monitor for under $100) and two 20" 1600x900 monitors I got here in 2009 for $99.99 each). I’m planning up upgrading to 5 1/2 (three new 1080p, 24+", plus my current two 1080p, plus the TV (which I’d also love to upgrade to 1080p)) which is why I’m watching for these cheap monitors. The more the merrier, I always say (at least about monitors).

Also, totally seconded on the VESA mount thing, especially now that the VESA mounts themselves are finally dropping in price (I saw a retail, the monitor mount for ~$150 at my local Fry’s a month ago; they used to be several hundred dollars).