AOC Monitors

Enough of the AOC monitors! Bring back that Viewsonic deal!

For those who are wondering, that 29" 21:9 monitor is absolutely amazing. I just bought a new one through Amazon (for quite a bit more), and use it for gaming as well as graphics/3D animation work. The extended real estate is great for this work (moving tools to the side and having full control of the workspace, etc), and gaming s extremely good on it as well (TF2 in 21:9 is a sight to behold).

Also, it comes with quite a few cables, including a DVI and a DisplayPort for Daisy Chaining multiples together. Highly recommended.

I have the I2757. Best, beutifullest, most functional $ for $, " for " cheapest monitor I have ever owned. Did I mention IPS matte screen? Viewsonic is an ugly clunker compared to this. I got mine new for $200 at BB – same price as non IPS udgly black plastic AOC. People were buying and reviewing the non-IPS AOC (Envision). LOL

I’m not one to normally buy oddball size screens, but that 29" looks really interesting.

Without the full diagonal measurement, and it being 11.17" tall in the display area…what does this put this monitor as… roughly the same as between a 20-22" widescreen in terms of height?

I like that it has a VESA mount (my monitors are mounted on swivel arms on my desk)

Maybe next time woot! I’ll have to see what santa clause brings me :smiley:

Tempting, but I feel like I’d rather have a 27" 2560 x 1440 monitor: smaller monitor and higher resolution. Hmm…

Very cool, disappointed the resolution isn’t higher…

I’m not sure you understand how monitors work.

Picked up two of the 22" IPS Panels last time around. Great monitor for the price. Zero dead pixels between the two panels. Picking up my third this time around to complete my setup. Great buy and would def. recommend at the price.

A buddy of mine has two of these types on his desk. They are stunning to look at. Both IPS/LED displays, mounted on a dual arm/single mount.

I’m waiting for one of those to show up on a woot :smiley:

It should do nicely for lightroom work :slight_smile:

I want the 29" for the office but my co-workers would be so jealous…