AOC Monitors

I’m a low tech mom in this high tech world and I need a bit of advice please? I picked up a monitor for my son a few weeks ago and my husband said it wasn’t usable for my son (I suspect because my hubby wants it for something else, but I can’t prove that yet!) because it only had a USB input and my son needs a “standard” monitor sort of input. The trouble is, I don’t really know what a standard monitor input would be. Does anyone have any idea what I’m trying to talk about and would the monitors then in this sale be likely to work for my son’s computer? Thanks for suffering though all of my tech-impaired talk! All help is appreciated!

A standard monitor connection would be VGA and/or DVI. We have one USB in this sale (sold out) but the rest will be fine.

I just want to comment for those wondering why there’s so many reconditioned AOC monitors for them to sell…

Oh i dunno, cuz they break but pretty much nothing is covered by the warranty. Screen two different colors just 2 months after purchase? “Well, that’s your fault! Suck it!” - AOC

Buy a better brand. These are all monitors that people sent them for warranty repair and then were told the fine print doesn’t cover “that sort of damage” - when obviously the item was faulty in the first place.

The 27" actually has pretty good reviews at a few places. Reconditioned products are better than Refurb… its a chance you take but they should be good as new.

I’m sorry but your comment is a non sequitur. Wouldn’t they need to accept returns to have so many refurbs? If they don’t take returns then they wouldn’t have any to fix and sell back to us. I’d be more afraid of the tv/monitor that is sold super cheap new.

Well, here we go with another non-Wootable offering. Seems pretty common these days.

The still available 12367FH model can be had as new, not refurbed as seen here, for $159.00 with free shipping and at least for me, no sales tax at the obscure, hard-to-find, crazy underground independent website known as TigerDirect.

Come on, Woot, do a little more shopping before pricing.

Put that 29 inch ultra wide one back on that was on last AOC monitor deal.