AOMAIS AS-F5-Black GO Bluetooth Speaker

Amazon deal of the day, $38.99

And now $69.

Yep, got mine at 39 bucks. Used it yesterday. Not as “bassy” as people say. Sounds good but think the JBL flip 3 sounds as good (even a little more clarity) then this. The manual states it has 8 hr play time at 60% volume but you see 30 hours thrown around online. Seems 60% is in the upper 20’s so it’s a misprint. Does have simple controls, easy to pair, any sounds (alerts, etc) through the phone pass to the speaker and can easily be heard. I cranked up my phone to max and though the sound in the speaker was loud, it wasn’t as loud as I expected (youtube video’s make you think it’s much louder) but the main thing is, it sounded really clear, right about of bass but not booming like a subwoofer does.

For 80 bucks, I would say go with the JBL. It’s much smaller but sounds as good if not better for normal listening. The AOMAIS looks pretty tough, speakers protected by metal grills unlike the JBL which has the end speakers exposed and could be punctured. I know the JBL flip is smaller (about 1/3rd the size of this bad boy) so that’s a plus if you have to take it with you. For this price, 40+ bucks, I’d say it’s a good deal. But at 70, no. I’d rather have the JBL.