AOMAIS Sport II Bluetooth Speaker

Amazon reviews point to it being slightly flaky, but solid customer service from AOMAIS. Several three stars turned 5 star reviews.

I have 2 of these bought long ago. Works as described! The pairing feature of two of them is a little wonky at times. Sound is good, loud, and with a BT4 device, very clear, and works well outdoors on a decent size patio for movie night and/or tunes while grilling or lounging. Not bad for the price!

The two I have both last all night on battery, never had one die on me, even late into the night.

– Turn one on, it starts looking for its mate. Turn the other on, it pairs to the first, then advertises via BT as the “master”. Get this order wrong, and it still pairs, but now you have a different “master” your BT device needs to pair with. Also no indicator which one is left/right. Easily tested by moving balance left/right to figure that out.

I’ve not used the mic at all so no idea how well that performs.


I, too, have 2 of these and love them! The sound is great, and they do pair quite easily if you follow the instructions for using 2 of them in stereo. The batteries last a very long time too.