Aopen 52×24x52 Internal CD-RW


[imgleft][/imgleft] Aopen 52×24x52 Internal CD-RW - Sunday, October 09, 2005
Item qty: 700, Last Order: 8:00 AM CST, Wooter to blame: rebousquet
Order Pace: 0m 45.190s, Woot Wage: $873.18/hour.


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me first peter man. Nice price but who’s lookin.


SATURDAY NIGHT WOOT ™ - Have you caught the fever?? [:)]

Aopen 52×24x52 Internal CD-RW $9.99 + $5 shipping

Not much to say… no need for a froogle check… this is one killer deal!!

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welcome to 1998


dont need another, later!


Lame, nobody needs one of these anymore.


I paid 150 for my first burner, and now thyt’re 15 bucks delivered?

I’d get a few - but I can’t even sell the one on my alienware at work.

Oh, and avoid Petey’s site - It’s been posted here by others that it’s full of malware and adware.

some guy on e-bay is selling em for a lot more


another refurb … WOOTWASTE ™

this is for peteroms


i dont thin i need one. too bad.


Man, this is ooooooold school…a good rule of thumb is, if my folks understand how it works, it’s long outdated.


Maybe a DVD burner would be alright… oh well.


Whats this for? Is this what you use if you don’t have a DVD player/burner or a floppy disk drive?

Seriously, for under $15, delivered, if you need one (or just a spare), sounds to be a good deal.


Aren’t these free by now? Needed a DVD-rom, too bad. Night all.


NA, got 2 dvd burners already


no dvd why


Do people still use these?


I’m sure it will sell out - great price, but who the hell needs one of these unless you’ve been frozen in ice for the last decade?


no dvd, no thanks


Respectable drive. I have the same specs but on a Memorex drive and it kicks butt. It’s a refurb so get it if you must.