Apathetic in the Face of Certain Annihilation

http://www.shirtsonsale.info-a.googlepages.com/missedsale_sadrat.gif*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race.

Wanna buy it later? Click this link!

I like the design but don’t think I’d wear it. This was my second favorite of the bunch, though.

Here’s to hoping for Don Quixote!

I could have sworn I posted.

Anyway, congrats, riffy

I like it, but can I wear it? I don’t think I can pull off the monkey thing.

bwa ha ha!!!

"What’s that? A monkey? But he looks so peaceful. Where did he learn to meditate? Could he be a ninja? A ninja monkey?

A bomb? Wow, that seems a little tough to use on a monkey. Why would a whole government decide to attack a monkey? Unless it was a robot monkey. Imagine that, a robot ninja monkey.

But what if it lives? Why, we’d have a zombie robot ninja monkey. And if he stole a ship and got an eyepatch? We’d have a zombie robot ninja monkey pirate! The ultimate t-shirt! AND THEN MAYBE YOU COULD ALL GET OVER YOURSELVES AND STOP MAKING US PRINT ZOMBIES, ROBOTS, NINJAS, PIRATES AND MONKEYS EVERY WEEK AAAAAA"

Great Design! but i already have a few shirts from shirt.woot in that same color, and people are starting to ask questions… great design though

Untimely escaped tiger reference…

Not the worst shirt I’ve bought off of woot!. In for 2.


“pull off the monkey thing” lulz! In for 1!

How very zen.


I have an irrational hatred for monkeys. I really have no clue why.

wtg riff

Congratulations Riff! I had a feeling you were going to be 1st!

Cool without the monkey. I hate monkeys. We need a monkey holocaust.

I only like the screaming woot monkeys because they scream like they are dying, or im annoying them. damned poo-flingers!

i love this shirt. could wear it every day : ) windmill tomorrow! YAY green :slight_smile:

condition: Yogic
product(s): 1 Grass Woot Tee (4516)

Nice. I like. MAAAY consider buying, simply b/c I do have waay too many Ts as is

I like it. Calm.

Sweet! I’m in for two, one for me - and one for my friend who is a monkey fanatic. Great shirt! Great design!