Apathetic in the Face of Certain Annihilation

Very nice colors and design.

first woot! ever hooray!

Oh man! I’m sooo tempted. Have to think a few minutes though and hope they don’t sell out.

Oooo this looks funky. Wouldn’t mind one myself!


Congrats Riff! :slight_smile: Very nice design

Me – in for one.

Why is there a % of sales per day chart? The shirt is only offered for one day. Of course 100% will be on that day. Its damn pointless, and its on all the woot sites. I dont get it.

haha congrats, I hope that green turns out good on the green shirt. Grass is my favorite color.

In for 1.

You’ve wooted for the entire span of time shirt.woot has existed, and you haven’t caught on that these shirts are available the next day?

wat color is this shirt ??

Woot needs to add youth sizes if logos like this are going to win first place.

The shirts continue to go on sale after the first day, but for 15 instead of 10 (if you click the Urban Ice in my signature you’ll see what I’m talking about)

Thanks everyone!!!

Me! And I am delighted that it won. Hey, you never can tell about those people who have an overload of college degrees. It makes us lose all common sense and buy T-shirts with Monkeys on them.

I’m in the mood for Goji berries.

I wish I could get another Green Space Tee. I wore it all the time until I got a stain on it, which is why I’m considering this…green shirt with a brown thermal underneath is a solid combo, especially with a brown monkey on the green shirt…

Congrats dude, you truly are the “master” these days. I am seriously surprised to see “grass” win as well, you deserve bonus points for pulling it off.

If it’s the same green as the green space then it will be a really nice, solid green. Grass is the perfect description, assuming you’re living in a drought-free area…

Granted at shirt.woot. But what about the regular woot? Its totally pointless there. Unless those products are also available after the initial offering.

They don’t have that graph on regular woot.com :slight_smile: