APEC Reverse Osmosis Filtration- Your Choice

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APEC Reverse Osmosis Filtration- Your Choice
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will any of these filter out chloramine ?

4.8 Stars over at Amazon

I got the 50 from the mothership about 6 months ago and honestly could not be happier with the water I get. My tap water in LA went from about 473 PPM down to 12 PPM. I filled up bottles and let co-workers try it and a few of them ordered the unit the same day!

How do these things handle salt? Will it pass through the filters or does it get trapped also? We’ve already got chlorination and filtering and carbon and softening going on, but since the ground water is so hard, the softener leaves behind a lot of brine. The vendor insists this is not preventable and suggest RO as the only solution.

Does it remove fluoride?

In the descriptions it says it does for the 50 & 90:


“Only technology to remove up to 99% of contaminants including arsenic, chlorine, lead, fluoride, heavy metals, bacteria, virus and 1000+ contaminants.”


“WQA Gold Seal certified to remove up to 99% of contaminants including arsenic, chlorine, lead, fluoride, heavy metals, bacteria, virus and 1000+ contaminant.”

why would you want to remove fluoride?

Not the greatest deal.

I bought this R/O 5 Stage setup 5 years ago. http://www.affordablewater.us/Reverse-Osmosis-System-5-Stage-50-GPDbrfont-colorredFree-Shippingfont-P7.aspx

Its only $155 and free shipping and over the last five years its been awesome. Not a single problem at all. When you order replacment filters (which I change about once a year) if you order two sets at a time you get free shipping on those as well from their site.

Been a great little investment!

We live in Northern Michigan and the ground water up here is very hard and gets a funny taste at times from all the underground limestone. This Filtration system gets rid of all that funny taste and does an awesome job and getting rid of the rust,particles, ect… from the water.

When I change the filters out I’m always shocked at how dirty they are each time!

Be aware, folks. Although RO systems deliver good water it’s at a price. For every gallon of drinking water you get, two gallons of water go down the drain back flushing the membrane. It’s just the way they work. Considering the drought conditions and price of water out West, there might be better ways to get filtered water on tap.

yes, RO removes fluoride. If you have kids in your house you might want to think about how they’re going to get fluoride if you decide to get this filter. You can get fluoride supplements in pill form.

Does anyone know the rejection rate of this system? Most RO systems that I’ve seen use 4-6 gallons of water for every gallon of RO water made, not the 2 gallons mentioned by the poster above.

do these kits come with a ice maker kit for the refrigerator?

The Amazon site says it is 3:1, or 4:1.

“It is not practical to treat all water entering a home with an RO system because
about 75 percent of the water introduced is wasted. Thus, four gallons of raw water
into the system produce about one gallon of treated water. This treated water
comes out much slower than water from a regular tap, so a tank is used to store the
treated water. The treated water is often used only for drinking and cooking. Each
manufacturer’s RO units differ, but the time needed to produce one gallon of water
ranges from 2-78 hours. The volume of wastewater produced by RO systems varies
by make and model. In instances where the RO waste is directed to the septic
system, the Department of Public Health strongly recommends the volume not
exceed 30 gallons per day. Larger flows could cause problems with the function of
the septic system.
The line pressure of the water system in the home usually supplies the pressure for RO. This pressure may
need to be increased for RO to work effectively. To reduce membrane fouling, a sediment pre-filter can be
installed. A granular activated carbon post-filter might be included to complete treatment. The pre-filter
removes sand, silt, and sediments, while the activated carbon filter removes the organic materials and any
dissolved gases not treated by the RO membrane.”

It’s roughly a 4:1 ratio for most systems. Atmospheric pressure, and a lot of other things may vary this from what I read.

I use 5 stage for my Reef aquarium. We make up 30-60 gallons at a time… that’s a lot of waste water made. A lot of us have a rain barrel type system to water plants with, or just aim the waste tube at the gardens, etc. Mine, I just have running down my back fence and out into the back of my yard.

You can use it for a lot of things…washing the car, floors, watering plants, etc. It’s just very mineral rich.

Rejection rate of brine is like car miles per gallon. It depends on how it is being used and where. The quality of the water coming in plays a part, as does pressure. These systems often run more efficiently at a higher pressure to get a larger pressure differential across the membrane. Those of us on wells have trouble with this, which is why I have a booster pump on mine. With city water, you may not have much of an issue with water pressure. I would plan on 2 gallons of brine for each gallon of permeate (the part you drink) as a minimum.

Edit: I just wanted to mention: if you have city water and don’t have lead or something in your water, just get carbon filters. The water is safe, and the carbon filter will polish the taste. If you are concerned about fluoride harm in your kids, talk to some dentists and doctors first - don’t just read the foil hat stuff online.

I see it has a 1-year warranty but what is the return policy?