APEC Reverse Osmosis Filtration- Your Choice

A LOT of people do not want to consume fluoride in their drinking water. For one thing it is a variable depending on how much water you drink the more of it you consume, therefore its rationing is uncontrolled. Fluoride has been proven to help topically with tooth decay but it has no proven benefit through ingesting. Both are reasons why you are not to swallow toothpaste. Look it up. Just because it is added to the water supply doesn’t mean it is good for you or your children or your pets.

As to consulting dentist or doctors: Dentist are big proponents of fluoride and therefore they hardly give any credence to its possible side effects. Doctors, well doctors have never gotten anything wrong in the past. My point is it is your responsibility to find out for yourself the available research out there as to why you should or why you should not be drinking it in your water supply. Be your own advocate.

Fluoride is a neurotoxin, affecting development. Children in areas of highest fluoridation levels experience lower IQ’s (correlation, not necessary causation, further study needed).

A proper RO filter will remove fluoride as well as a pelthora of other chemicals including pharmaceuticals. I have my RO system from freedrinkingwater.com and love the difference in taste that everything gains from using almost completely pure water.

Because consuming fluoride is extremely beneficial to your … well, since it recommended as a topical treatment for your teeth consuming it offers no benefit which means best case scenario is that it doesn’t actually harm you. Personally, I like to keep my fluoride in my toothpaste and mouthwash.

I also find that RO water tastes tons better than city water, loads better than simple carbon filtration, and improves anything you cook with it. So, even if you don’t care about the effects of actually consuming fluoride I’d recommend one simply for taste.

Because it is poisonous. The FDA requires a label be put on tubes of toothpaste because it contains fluoride.
it’s added to reduce tooth decay. You aren’t supposed to drink it. Besides, most people brush their teeth daily so it isn’t needed.

Good lord! Why would someone take fluoride as a supplement? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fluoride_toxicity

Total noob question here, but… is it easy to install?

If you aren’t supposed to drink it, why do they add it to the drinking water?

We have an RO system for our drinking water and we LOVE IT. Our well water is extremely hard and has a high level of nitrates and other stuff.

Does anyone have something (other than a water softener) that they use for their whole house?

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It took me about 30 minutes to install and was pretty easy. There was no leaks or mess. The only real “challenge” is drilling a small hole for the waste water in your sink down tube.

I also built a water dispenser cube since I did not want to drill through the counter top.

If anyone is interested I can post the cube part I got from Amazon and how it’s build. I love the fact I can move the faucet around my kitchen (I gave it 15’ of tube).

I got the 50 and it did not come with the kit. The kit is only 17$ at the mother ship and took 3-4 minutes to install.

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Faucet I built.

how do i print screen

Under sink installation.

Most toothpaste has more than enough fluoride to strengthen tooth enamel.

We are on our second R/O filtration unit. The first one served faithfully for years until the holding tank bladder failed, presumably from age and use. The price of a new tank was so close to a whole new set up that I went with the new APEC. We have been very happy with it for several years. We have had it so long that I have replaced the R/O membrane once. It is not that hard and I wouldn’t be without an R/O system. I also installed a UV sterilizer, which was easy to do.

Instead of wasting the runoff water I decided to make a storage tank over by my furnace. I have an overflow outlet at the top of a plastic tank and a solenoid controlled outlet tube at the bottom. In winter when the furnace whole house humidifier comes on with the furnace fan the solenoid opens and allows the water from the holding tank to flow over the humidifier. In summer I run the runoff outside to water plants.

Chlorine as well as fluoride are cancer causing agents. Buy this unit and go online and search The borax conspiracy under Nexis magazine. By doing this you will never want or need fluoride for strong bones and teeth and never suffer from arthritis or osteoporosis.

Does this come with any warranty?

This is not a common practice these days anymore with a majority of water systems due to the negative affects outweighing the positives…

FYI the waste may not be good for the plants as it may be high in salt content and other things you are removing. May not kill your plants immediately but it can alter the permeability of the soil and what not. If you continue to do this i would advise adding things to the soil to counter it, such as gypsum.