But he does have a Brain in a Poke so we’re still on the Zombie shirt.woot theme.
I thought All-Hallows-Eve was passed …


Pirapes suck.

I hate monkeys.



This shirt will sell out in minutes! It has everything anyone from the internets would want!


Chimps rock. Pirate chimps really rock.


It’s also a Pirate-Robusto-Chimp shirt.woot.

This one is so ‘mixedup shirt.woot retro’, it’s kind of a banana - it has a peel.


Great shirt- I think the missing tooth is my favorite part.


It’s decent, halloween’s kind of over though…


Maybe I am missing it but how is this guy a monkey?


i think it’s lame he hid his signature in there.


This shirt is really weird. I really just couldn’t see myself wearing this. Oh well. Maybe i’ll like the derby shirt tomorrow.


agreed, i like his cartoons better - the shirt is more weird for weirds sake - not bad, but not good,

its cute, but not cute enough, and the ape doesnt look ape-ish enough for the layman to see that its an ape!


Really cool

reminds me of Jerky Boys artwork - I dunno about a tshirt though

El Passo Tiempo


Dont hope and pray …

VOTE its free!



I don’t get the “two parallel arrows sticking out of the middle of a circle” part.


Dear God,
Please stop woot from putting up more crappy halloween/pirate/ninja themed shirts. It’s getting old. Oh and world peace please.
In your name,


Doesn’t look like an ape. Design color is weak and looks horrible on the shirt.


reminds me of Mission Hill animation… maybe its the missing tooth aspect


wow, this is the most ridiculous shirt ive ever seen


Arr! We may have found captain Bluetooth after all these months!