aPen Digital Recording Wireless Pen

It woulda been nice if woot had bashed tanga in this picture :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome description

Best writeup ever. Well played Woot.

Amazon 3.7 out of 5 stars

Hey people can use this to write their nasty letters to woot! about slow shipping, t-shirt changes, and cross-site offerings!

Now, that’s cool! If only I knew how to draw.

Guess we should all read the product description…

F5, F5, F5, Jeez! This aPen A4 Digital Recording Wireless Pen has been up here all day!

I mean, this has got to be the biggest Woot-Off killer ever! But maybe it’s not the pen’s fault. Maybe it’s just Woot’s server. I mean, it’s not even loading the flashing light graphics or the progress bar!

After all, this thing doesn’t look so bad. You can use it to edit digital photos, it can work on regular paper as well as connect to an iPhone or iPad via an Apple 30 pin usb cable, and it can even digitize and record handwriting when it’s not connected to anything. And I totally understand exactly what that means!

You know what, I’ll do my part to speed this little guy up! In for three! Unless… No, never mind. I don’t even need to consider that as an option! A one-day Woot-Off? Ha! Impossible!

I want one that works with my android phone and that is compatible with the Draw Something app.

I am tempted to get this for my classroom. I wonder how well it works real time.

That being said I assume there are going to be a lot of deleted posts in this thread. What has happened to Woot in the last couple months with these woot-offs. I am disappointed in woot at this point. It would be nice if they had a good reason and they shared it with us. Without a good explanation they are going to lose a lot of customers for the way the have handled the last couple of woot-offs.

Can this pen be used to fix a broke Woot server? Maybe if the hammer was really big…

I kept refreshing, then I read the description. Most epic Woot troll EVER! I have to admit, that is pretty funny. However, it does say “taking a breather”… Does that mean it will come back on later? I guess we’ll just have to wait and find out…

A one-day Woot-Off? Ha!


Can’t wait for a week and a half from today…

Nice idea, but as Dwight Schrute would say, “Have you ever heard of paper?” Paper is still superior in my book

The pen is also mightier than the woot-off.

You can use this to draw unspeakable things and put them on chatroulette.

Ok. Now everyone needs to buy 3…let’s get this thing rolling on… (insert irony here))

They moved the “You can’t have our iPad”-esque disclaimer down below the product description. FOR A MINUTE I THOUGHT I HAD YOU, WOOT

We’re 11 days away from April Fools’ Day - should we really surprised that a Woot-Off this close was just one day? Personally, I was surprised to even see a Woot-Off this close.

And unless Woot has completely gone over to the dark side (which I highly doubt unless the cookies over there are made of platinum), then we can bank on there being a nice Woot-Off & BOC - likely WITH entertainment - for AFD.

I realise this question has been asked to death, but is It mac compatible?

Seriously, it mentions every Apple product EXCEPT for Mac.