aPen Digital Recording Wireless Pen

Maybe this time I will purchase it.

How the heck does this thing work anywho?

Hmm looks like Wootbot made 4 posts today for this same item…

Anyway, I have a few questions about it.

How accurate is it, and can it transcribe directly into a text input box (like this one) or does it require their software?

More importantly, will it work with my Mac?

K, you fixed the multiple topic posts here… now go fix the multi-topics for the polls, plz!

The pen looks nifty, but what exactly is it compatible with?

Coudln’t figure out how to navigate to this discussion board. Bloody hell. I bet it was right in front of me and I didn’t see it…

Anyhow… I wonder if it’ll work with my samsung galaxy tab… i’d get at least two if that was the case…

I agree with the previous comment. Can I use it on a Mac, without a i-anything-else attached? Based on the sparse description, I doubt it.

I was tempted to buy this, but between the stupid “list price” and the lack of the instant distraction of a funny product write up, I said “the hell with it” and spent way too long trying to find a link to the community discussion.

Apropos of nothing, but there you go.

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aPen Digital Recording Wireless Pen
$39.99 + $5 Standard OR $11 One-Day OR $8 Two-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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I bought this version during the wootoff It’s slightly different but I can’t tell you how much I love having a digital back-up of every parts order I take. Next time a customer says I took their body order wrong i’ll print them up my notes (dated and timestamped) and show them how wrong they are.

Unless of course I did actually fill their order wrong. In that case this pen never existed.

This one only downloads to your ipad - you’d have to write on an actual piece of paper, and it doesn’t appear to actually OCR anything - it just lets you copy what you put on an actual piece of paper into your ipad.

So 1) it requires an ipad
2) it also requires a sheet of paper
3) it does not OCR your writing

They’re working on it.

Click here for the review on Amazon.

Found another review, pretty positive, and yes, they claim it works on a Mac :slight_smile:


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This tempted me the first time I saw woot sell it but now seeing the original price of $129.99 makes it even more tempting… It might just be a little too space age for me off to check trustworthy online reviews.

I am Confused, Whats the Differnce between the APEN A3 Model and this A4 Model ? They Both Look the same. With same Features

So, is there a link to the community discussion hidden somewhere?

“Parts”? “Body order”? Could Cowboy Dann be part of the current, horrific Zombie Apocalypse that North America is experiencing?

Can ordinary shop pen-refills work on the pen?