aPen Digital Recording Wireless Pen



Does anyone know how easy it is to edit a saved document on this thing? For example, if I use this device to write notes, save said notes, then decide to add/edit notes at a later time.


I was Looking for the A3 Apen, this A4 Is for use with the Iphone IPAD etc , etc. (Does not Work with Android Phones)
The A3 Pens is for Use with the Android Type Smart Phones.
I missed the A3 on the last Woot out sale, I was Hoping this was it :frowning: Guess I have to wait longer


If there is an easy way to do it, I haven’t found it yet. So far I’ve had to just save the note, and add one referencing a previous note if I have to.

Previous Woot

Here are some of my amazing comments from last time:

I was a dummy and took my pen to work without the CD. Luckily I was able to **download the software here!**A4 is the selection you want and if you want to view the manual it comes with just download the software pack (I think it’s a couple megs so no sweat)

I have found that the accuracy is pretty spot on. ** Just don’t bump the sensor while writing ** it’s pretty hard to get it lined back up perfectly. I have considered using Velcro to hold it in place at the top of my notepad but once you get used to it you’re really alright.

The accuracy is pretty cool, it even helps straighten your letters out a bit if you got a shaky hand (I do). If you write really really close together you might want to space it out a bit. It’s accurate but it’s not that accurate.

Overall I’d have to say for the money this is a really great buy.


Here is a previous post where i shared some samples of the notes I took at work with this pen.

That would be great if that is what was on sale today. Today’s woot is the A4, therefore Today’s Woot Does Not Have Bluetooth Capabilities!!

Here are a couple sample notes recorded by my A3:

And Here’s a little love letter I wrote using my A3 Enjoy!

(Important note: My handwriting is really that bad. The pen doesn’t make it any worse)


Lastly, I’d like to add if you’re left handed your hand/wrist is more likely to block the sensor and have choppy looking writing.


Thanks for all the good info (and especially the love note), CowboyDann! So it saves your note as a picture? I see the OCR software comes with it - can you paste whatever you wrote into any other programs?


Nevermind me - I just followed the link you posted to the apen site, and answered my own question.


Glad you were able to help yourself, but when you answer your own question keep in mind it’s always polite to post your answer too. You know, in case other people are wondering the same thing, Heck it might even get you a quality post. :tongue:

(It’s also great to do just in case certain cowboys are going to bed and can’t remember the answer and wont be looking it up until the morning)


Okay, I’m still trying to figure out how the interface works with the pen. Could someone who has this please clue me in?

I’d like to know how well it transcribes written notes to something like MS Word.

Also, do you need the paper on a special clipboard?


And yet another silly question: how does the pen feel in your hand?

I’m an author and I’d love it if I could use this instead of typing as an alternate input method.


Be aware that this works with only 1 very limited app on an iPad. Contrary to the picture on the box and the demo video, it only works in landscape orientation. I verified this with the manufacturer after I got mine.


Drat. If this had been compatible with androids/MS, I’d be buying in a heartbeat.


Real quick, 2 posts from last woot mentioned above:

my own not so glamarous post:

and post comparing a3 and a4 link:

bye (oh, same $39.99 price as last time)


Where do I get the ink refills ?


Suppose it would integrate well with MS OneNote?


Bought one two woots back.

Was apparently DOA.

I say “apparently,” as I finally returned it for a refund after many attempts to get help via email and phone.

Called the support line and got the receptionist, who was nice but knew nothing about the product.

Finally, three or more weeks later I got an email from support starting the process all over. But I already sent it back to woot.

So I wish you all good luck.


I’d get it if it worked with Draw Something! on my iPad… does it?


Bought one on woot in june and was not happy. First I couldn’t get it to work then I couldn’t get any tech. help from their websit. Plus no one answerd the phone when I called the number on the site.Left my no. but no one called back. It sounds nice but if you have any problems forget it.


Thanks for the Monday morning laugh :slight_smile: