aPen Digital Recording Wireless Pen

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aPen Digital Recording Wireless Pen
$39.99 + $5 Standard OR $11 One-Day OR $8 Two-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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It’s a Repeat! Well, Kinda … this an A4 model.

well I almost bought this the first time, and I’ve had all this time to figure out why I would actually need it… and I have nothing

I don’t think I’d be very keen; I’ve already got one, you see…

Oh look…more Apple

Does it only work with iphone/ipad/itouch? I would totally get it if it works with android or a PC.

Suckage all over Woot.

Woot–> Second time THIS WOOT OFF aPEn Digital Recording Pen

Home.Woot–>Galt Burlap Picture frame [Did Galt just sell them a warehouse full of crap for Pennies per Ton?]

Sport.Woot–>Callaway Polo Shirt.

Where’s the fun? Can we at least get TT back so we can play Caption This?

it also has a regular usb for pc editing…so not just apple

There’s some Woot trickery going on here! And wow, is this made for lazy asses or what?!

No one can sell those anymore. They’re banned or whatever the term is because of child safety.

I’m aware of that. My point is that Woot shows a LOT of Apple products in their crap Woot-Offs. Pretty sure Apple is paying Woot.

After an item has been on sellout.woot it really shouldn’t be back on regular woot…

Amazon or eBay

uh. right here.

Yesterday, I said I didn’t need this 'cause I had only one remaining lecture class in my degree program…

…Today, the professor let us know that she didn’t WANT us to take notes in her class, as she’d be posting the entire PPT on BlackBoard after each class, and she’d rather we paid attention and discussed.

So, long story short: don’t need. XD

Yeah, I know Woot (amazon) won’t sell them anymore- I was being silly.

But, for the record they can still be be sold legally online from various retailers, including the manufacturer.


I know this may be a stupid question, but as a new student going to college (next week!), should I get one of these? How useful would this be? Please reply quickly before it sells out!

And we have hit the point of the evening where across the board, on every Woot Off page,it has come to a standstill. And the minutes tick by. Who will hang on in hopes of spotting the elusive Bacon of Chicago, and who will break? These are the times that try Woot’ers souls…