I think… I… want one?

I can’t tell.

Wow…I know what my nightmares will be about tonight.

is this what apelad looked like when his week was up?

He is apescreamin’

This would be so much better if it said something about Mother-in-laws.

this shirt is pretty freakin’ sweet but i don’t want it but i’m very attracted to it…

It kinda reminds me of killer vampire chimps from Japan.

That’s a pretty scary ape face. And I’m an ape fan! I’m guessing it’s a chimpanzee, since the other possibility is a bonobo and they are much more peaceful apes.

Remember that movie Outbreak with Dustin Hoffman?

I really like the explosion part, but kinda meh on the blue ape.

Is Mr. Ape really angry or happy? We may never know.

APETASTIC! Love it. In for one.

grape ape. this shirt is sooooo random i must buy 3

ok. maybe just 1

Looks like the Japanese-rising-sun + ape. Its oddly terrifying, but I can’t stop looking.

if the sun had a face

Is it just me, or does it look an awful lot like this image here:


Then again, maybe all screaming primates look the same. I hope I don’t sound like an ape-racist for saying that.

its… umm… how can i put this nicely… not good… theres to many monkeys/apes/gorillas everywhere now a days. and apesplosion doesnt make sense.

I shall not fling my poo at it for it does not draw enough ire from me.

mmmm banana pancakes