API - Grocery.Woot

Is there a reason why the Grocery site in the api is listed as Site: “Grocery.Woot”, instead of just “Grocery”? None of the other sites are listed that way, and it’s slightly annoying to work around.

I’ll send your question up the chain. Please hold.

Hi lichme, can you send us the route you’re hitting when seeing that?


For site: there’s “Main” “Home & Kitchen” “Tools & Garden” etc, but Grocery is listed as “Grocery.Woot”

"OfferId": "8dd88db5-c04a-413e-b2a2-1aec8bbf6ef5",
  "Photo": "https://d3gqasl9vmjfd8.cloudfront.net/4d4e273a-7d4b-42e0-8726-328a4bb29127.jpg",
  "SalePrice": {
    "Minimum": 41.99,
    "Maximum": 41.99
  "Site": "Grocery.Woot"

Oh good, I asked them to do that before I left just to annoy you. Glad the Irritate Lichme feature made it in before I bailed. :smiley:


So they did something which you asked them to do?


Finally. But waited til after I left. Pesky engineers.

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I think the faux accent confused them, so they had to work on a solution to figure out what it was that you had asked them to do.

Really confused @sg0 who has family from the same place. “What accent even is that TRYING to be?”


It’s bad enough that I have to run your posts through Google Translate.

Great, we tracked down the bug and pushed a fix - give it another go


That’s better, thanks!

@wajeremy In their defense, this has probably existed since July, I’ve just been too busy/lazy to update it from Gourmet to Grocery since then.

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