API v2 not working/updating?

It looks like API v2 did not update when last night’s new deals were posted on your website. For example, using the API, home.woot.com currently returns “Shavel Thermee Micro Flannel Sheet Set”, while the web page lists “Edgecraft Chef’sChoice 101500 15 XV Trizor Professional Electric Knife Sharpener, Platinum.” Is the API having problems at the moment? Thank you.

Confirming this. The API is providing expired deals for all the woot sites.

Pinging team.

Rolled back - looks like today’s deals are popping up now

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Oops, looks like the offers just reverted back to last Friday. You guys making changes on your end?

Yeah, stay tuned, looking into it.

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Looks fixed now. That was quick.

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Yeah, we did a redeploy of the one we broke with the bugs fixed and the cache just needed to update.

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Offers didn’t update last night, unfortunately. Are there still problems on your side?

I’m asking. Please hold.

We have identified issues with the rollover not showing up. We are working on a fix, ETA for next update: 11/15/2018 1.30 PST.

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We’ve pushed out a fix for this. Are you able to see the current dailies?

Briefly, but it has now reverted back to Wednesday’s deals. The API shows woot.com as “Under Armor Men’s Apparel,”, while your web page has Apple Ipad.

Apologies for the confusion. We had to rollback the fix because it was causing other issues. We are still working on a fix and will keep this thread updated on the developments.

“Other issues” being it brought down the whole site. :smile: Just a minor snafu.

We are still working to resolve the underlying issue, and will update everyone when we have a solid fix for it. Sorry for the confusion this has caused.

The issue has been resolved and the end points should return latest deals - we did not have any “other issues” this time.

Apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Thanks for your continued support!